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I would always go to this dinner with my friends. There was a nice man named chef. we would always talk to him. Till one day i came in to find out he was dead. the boss had murdered him. So while the boss was doing jail time for a year, attended chefs funeral.? Not only for me to know that i would see chef again..... Next day i was walking home only to? notice that one of my friends werent in the group. i trailed off from the group to go to that friends house. I go in to hear?? his?? screaming. i ran upstairs to see him, he was on the ground bleeding missing if what looked like a eyeball. I rushed him to the hospital only to find that i was to late. he had bleeded out and was dead..... pure dead. i never wanted this to happen but i went home and tried to get some shut eye. During the night i heard a sheathing noise like one of the knifes from downstairs were pulled. I walked down to see chefs dead courpse..... walking. He came at me with the knife piercing into my shoulder. i ran out to get a glimpse of my dead parents. This wasn't the end i could tell/

Written by Marshmellow8874.

FURBEARINGBRICK'S NOTE: Here's what he added to my Talk page after I deleted the wretched thing:

"hey i had a good story there i dont know why you went off deleting it so please stop i hate how much you delete every single thing everyones mad at you why dont you just ask first geez im done with my creepy pastas being deleted"

Awwwww, I think SOMEone's a little butthurt.