You are a woman, yearning for a child. So you did get one, and that was me.

But you wanted a girl, and I, being a male, did not met your expectation. What did you do? You abandoned me in a garbage bag. For days, I starved and never died. Until the 20th day you abandoned me, a married couple spotted me, scrawny and bundled in cloth. They took me under their roof and took good care for me. For 8 months they showed me heaven. But no, they were never angels, they are deranged demons!

At my last night, I met my fate. Oh, how agonizing the pain was, being roasted and impaled! And my burial was their mouth and stomach. How they treated me like food! I began to get more and more furious at you. You, you were the one who caused this! I roamed the streets as an unresting soul, trying to find your home. After countless hours I recognized your abode. I observed through the window and saw your new daughter.

Oh, how jealous I got!


You spared her, but not me, you left me to my doom, you didn't even leave me in the adoption center!

I entered your house when the two of you are asleep. I saw your daughter, lying on a crib, looking cute and angelic. How repulsive! I slithered near her, but before I even touch her, she wailed. You woke up and attended to her. You saw her, alone and crying.

You never recognized me! You never paid any interest in me!

You tried to put your baby back to sleep. You sang to her and rocked her back and forth.

You took so much care for her! I don't want to see you!

I hurried back down to you kitchen. I got your sharpest knife. I materialized myself and crept slowly behind you, holding the knife. You heard a noise and turned around. There you saw me, you finally saw me! All bloody, scarred, and burnt! You were paralyzed with fear, making it easy for you to be killed.

I said to you: "Mo-mom-my, d-d-do yo-y-you re-me-me-mber m-me?"

Now you are really terrified, you tried to say something but nothing came out. There, I attacked you and slashed off your head. Your head went rolling down and your body collapsed. Your daughter fell with your body and broke her skull, resulting to her death. I don't feel sorry for her. She was another reason why I suffered. I laughed at your remains and vanished to nothingness.