File:Demon Matricide3.jpg

For years, you tormented me.

You, you caused me great suffering.

You were the one who killed father, not a robber.

You were the one who lacerate me with a chain for 2 years.

And you were always the demon mother in my life.

For years, I held a grudge against you. But all will change later tonight, your birthday. You always lock me in the basement when its your birthday. You never celebrated mine. Only my friend do. But you killed them! You made it look like they committed suicide.

I hate you! I'm going to end your life now! I grabbed you by the throat and you said:

"You dare kill me!?!?"

I replied with a yes. I strangled you with all my might, but you retaliated and strangled me too.

"Demon!", I said. "You dare say that!", you hissed.

We fought, hand in each other's throat.

Why won't you die? Why? Die already!

"You called me a demon, well, I am! I'll drag you down to Hell to make you suffer even more!"

Your form changed, you transformed into a demon! But I ended your life first, with a stab to the heart.

I am now living a perfect life, a life without you. But each night, I hear your voice, cursing me.

I now have a wife and 2 kids. We live as a happy family. But one day, I have to take a job leave. I said goodbye to my family. My wife is sobbing, and the kids wailed saying that I stay. But I can't, I have to support them.

It was a 10 day leave and on the 5th day was my birthday. I stayed at a hotel and stayed there. On the 5th day, my family greeted me using Skype. I felt happy. At night, I heard a shrill scream. I woke up, and saw you. With a wide grin you said:


You ran towards me and stabbed me in the heart. The same method to kill you. You dragged my lifeless body out to the window. My body splattered down the street. My family heard the news and felt the greatest grief. After 15 days, they were found dead in their house.

Mother killed them.

Mother, I hate you, I loathe you!

Even in death, I curse you! You even killed my innocent family!