This is based on a true story

I was little and i was walking in my village and i heard some noises i sad what was that i was so scared that i wet my pants walking to home i told my grandpa for that and he told me the same thing he was my age when he saw it like 10 and of coursse it was it the Mifta is kinda like a octapod or a spider but is scary then tomorrow i saw it again but this time he or her saw me too all the hair in my body was up i didint now what to do then i started to run really fast i coud not breath any more my parents told me to come down i get out from the room and i sad wtf it was so scary then i got sleppy and that happend i saw the dream with Miftait was following me and for the record is a overnatural creature in not immortal but it can live for a really long time ai saw it for like 3 days not in a dream but in real life and one time it got out from his place he got some kinda balls in there im not pretty shur if that was eggs but he or her followed me i wet my pants there.

Thank you for reading this dont think that this is not real because anything coud happen.