I was really interested in Minecraft because the game looked really fun. So, I asked my friend from my school if he had a copy of Minecraft. My friend said yes and he gave me the disc. He told me to pay 2 dollars for a copy of Minecraft. So, I gave him the 2 dollars and I took the disc with me.

When I got home from school, I insert the disc into my computer and it started to launch the game. I noticed that there was already a user logged in. I didn't care so I press play and after loading, the game went to the menu as usual.

I pressed singleplayer, then pressed select world, and create world. The game ran normal. Even though it was on my old PC. Suddenly, I got a message on Skype, it was from my friend from school. He told me that there's a beta enemy on Minecraft but he says that the enemy is really disturbing. He told me that in order to battle the beta enemy, you need to make 16 end portals like a square, 4 redstone torches on the side of square, put lava inside the square, and put a golden sword in the square. If you're doing it correctly, then a sound should be heard.

I tried to do what my friend told me and it worked. The sound was like a zombie from Minecraft. I went in the portal and I was in a different world. There was something weird about the world. The world was dark and I couldn't see a thing but my players arm.

The lights were on like they were torches when the enemy appeared. The enemy looked like a zombie but his clothes were ripped and he was bloodied. It also had a diamond sword in his hand.

I also knew that the enemy was a boss, but it's name was just Beta. I attacked the enemy with my diamond sword ten times. He died.

A cutscene appeared, showing my player getting his diamond sword and stabbing the beta enemy. The beta enemy was making sounds when he dies. This lasted for 5 or 10 minutes until the beta enemy didn't make a sound.

After the cutscene, it went back to the menu. I check to see if my world was still there. The world got deleted. I also couldn't make a new world. So I decided to quit the game and just take a break.

There was another message from my friend...but he said a really disturbing message. He said "You Shouldn't Have Done That".