Original Version:

One day when i was playing minecraft . BUT when i was playing i saw every thing was eye less i was scared . Then i saw somthing it said GOD ,HIM,NOCHT WILL DIE and STEVE IS DEAD . I saw my screen it turned black it showed him HEROBRINE he said SORRY NOCHT i ran outside and just crying then i moved to newyork i was safe i will remember all the eye less game _ HEROBRINE

Improved Version:

One day when I was playing Minecraft, I saw everything was eyeless and I was scared. Then I saw something and it said: "God, Him, Notch will die and Steve is dead." I then saw my screen turn black and it showed Him, Herobrine. He said "Sorry, Notch." I ran outside and I just kept crying. Later, I moved to New York and I was safe. I will remember all the eyeless things.