I Was 9 Years Old, I Liked Hanging Out With My Friends And Sneaking Around. So One Day My friend Jacob Called Me And Said, "Meet Me In The Ally 3 Blocks From Here" I Replied And said, "Ok" And Then He Hung Up. I Started Asking Myself, "Why The Ally?" Because That Place was Susposed To Be "Haunted" But I Still Decided To Go. I Walked Across The Street And Over By Max I Turned Left And Walked Towards The Ally. I Didnt See Jacob There I Thought To Myself, Maybe He's Trying To Scare Me? I Walked Deeper Into The Ally It Got Darker As I Walked In, It Was Cold And Shady. I Saw Something Run Past Me,I Quickly Snapped A Picture Then All I Saw Was Shadows Surrounding Me. I Tried To Scream But Nothing Came Out. I Pulled Out My Phone To Call The Police But There Was No Wifi At All. I Thought I Was Doomed Untill Someone Else Walked In. They Were Wearing A Black Cloat And A Belt, I Couldnt See They're Face. He Started Walking Towards Me I Heard A Gun Shot And Woke Up In My Room, Only To Realize, This Wasnt My Room.