It was a normal Satuday afternoon and I was talking a walk through the woods i was 19 so I could go by myself i tripped on a vhs tape it said mlp murder is magic in roughly writing i was shocked but thought it was just a mistake i put in my vhs player it started with the normal intro  but no one was there it started with twilight she said i am sick of this shit i was shocked this was a kid show she grabs spike and shoots spike with a pistol she then grabbed a axe stepped out she then walked over to sugarcube corner and hacked pinkie in the gut and everyone else in the building she then burns it down she strangled and hangs up applejack with a vine slits big Macs throat guts grannysmith swallowed applebloom whole she then rips trixies heart out  gouged rarity she's out bashed in fluttershys skull snaps rainbow dash neck hits lyra and bon bon in the head with her axe she then laughs maniacally HAHAHAHA and then kills the princess then the episode ended i was shocked if you find this vhs DO NOT WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!