My name is Brayden. My father has recently been saying his office has strange problems. I hear him tell Mommy ever night about it. He says that the printer machine turns on. Mommy doesn't believe him.

Today, I got tired of it. So, I decided to go to his work at midnight. The plan was set, I had told two of my friends,Tom and Jordan, that we would ride our bikes to the office even though it was a long ride. So the next day went to the office at around three in the morning.

Once we arrived at the office I was frozen. It was a dark place with only two street lights in the parking lot. We walked to the front door only to find out the door was locked. We went all the way around the building until we found a window that was opened. It was barley in reach so we pulled ourselves up.

Once we were inside nothing seemed too off, the lights were off but we were smart enough to bring flashlights. We slowly walked around in terror we stepped into the bathroom as temperatures turned cold. Every hair on us was standing up. Tom started opening the stalls to see if anything was off.

Once he reached the handicap stall he pushed it open, We looked in. What I saw I will never forget. Inside the stall was a woman with black hair, a white gown, pale white skin, and a knife. I stood there, frozen in terror. She was cutting her arm as the blood slowly ran down her arm as if a cup was overflowing.

I then got a hold of myself and we ran. Jordan already ran. This was worse then a printer turning on. Tom and I started wandering around to find Jordan until we found him. There he was, tied to a steel table with a man in a suit sitting over him holding a scalpel then stabbing him.

Tom and I ranned so quick. We found a closet and decided to stay in there for about thirty minutes. Until I felt my arm was wet. I faced my flashlight towards it only to find more blood drops falling onto my arm. I then looked up and found Jordan being hung with the scalpel in his stomach and blood dripping from the hole in his stomache. We had to leave.

I ran to the nearest window and smashed it. We both crawled out the window. The next day my dad had to work for a late night shift. A police officer came to the house today and talked to my mom. I overheard the officer say "Your husband has passed away at his work at around three in the morning, we found him in the closet with a scalepel in his stomache next to a young boy." Everyone should know, this was more than a printer.