In 1987, Mrs. Poisateri's Irish potatoes hit the shelves. there were some commercials about them, and they were quite popular. They were "the best". I, however never tried them. A week or two after they came out, reports of many deaths spread. Hundreds of people mysteriously died, their cause of death unknown. My best friend John had eaten some the day the 5th report was released.

He seemed fine for a couple of hours. Then, he started muttering things that I couldn't make out and speaking jibberish. He then started to choke himself. I tried to get him to stop, but he growled viciously and stared at me, looking me right in the eyes. Oh, his eyes. The whites were black, and the irises red. I stood there, paralyzed as I watched him insanely kill himself. A few days later, they connected the deaths to the potatoes. They were instantly taken off the shelves.

In 1992, all of the bodies victim to the "mysterious deaths" From the potatoes disappeared. All reports of the deaths also disappeared. Even today, no trace of commercials of Mrs. Poisateri's Irish Potatoes can be found online, or anywhere. There's no proof that the potatoes ever existed, or anyone died. In other words, it's like Mrs. Poisateri's Irish potatoes never existed at all.