If only I wasn't there, if I wasn't there to see the gruesome and horrifying carnage of the night, I would not be telling you this today. In 1993, famous people were only loved, never hated. Movie stars and music idols, everyone was known or they were nothing. There was a very well-known actress who starred in indie films. Her name was Mary Rosaline, a beautiful young woman who was always seen as a damsel in distress in her movies. She had a good thing going and made lots of money. But one day, a rumor broke out. The word on the street was that there was a new movie to be released the week of June 15, 1993. It was supposed to be a horror movie called Murder Mary, starring Mary Rosaline.

Everyone thought it was just a coincidence that the title of the film had the same name as the leading actress. On opening night, everyone went to see it, hoping for the chills and thrills they longed for. When the movie began, there was the beautiful Mary Marine, who was portrayed by Mary Rosaline. She stood on a street corner, waiting for a cab. Then, out of nowhere, a man jumped from a back alley, grabbed Mary and took her away. Then it opened to a scene where Mary was in a dark room surrounded by torture tools. The next hour was horrifying. Mary was mutilated on camera. It wasn't acting, it all happened. The crowd didn't know that, and when Mary went missing, they thought she was on vacation. How do I know this? I was forced to film it.