Before you read this story, I just want to say... I used to be a brony.... Now, in the world we live in today, that might not sound that bad.... But that's because you've never heard the my little pony theory. It's about Rainbow Dash. The theory states that she's actually an emo. Now, I know what you're most likely thinking: How can a multicoloured pony be emo? Well, she's also a hipster. Since she didn't want to be like the other kids in her town (wich was the ones who turned her emo) she coloured her hair in the rainbows colours, because she wanted to convince herself she was happy. She had no money, so she cut herself for the red, brought some oranges for the orange and stole the jizz of her brother, Deth Mc.Die, when he was done raping Twillight. This is why Twillight has OCD because Deth had OCD, and transmitted it to Twillight through his cum. The thunder cutiemark is just a metaphor for Celestia making RD emo. Because Celestia is actually Satan. She's the one that causes all problems in ponyville, and when it fails, she has to act like it was all part of the plan. I'm never touching that show for sure again. If you have more to the theory, please leave a comment.