I was recently looking through a little family history book that my great grandmother had. While looking through it I found a very odd pattern... In almost all households in the history of the Dobson family, there has been at least one mysterious death or disappearance. For example, back when my family first came to Michigan from Canada back in the early 1900s, all but one of their children died. That one survivor is the one who moved to Kingsley. If he hadn't survived, then I wouldn't have been born.

Another example is one of my great grandfathers who fought in World War 2. He disappeared for 39 years after World War 2 ended. He then mysteriously showed up back at his home and never talked about what happened. The other half of my family, which comes from Germany, came here in the late 1800s. They mysteriously left most of their old belongings in their old house in Germany and came here with only a few suitcases packed with what they need to survive; Money, clothes, some food, etc. One half of my family has the last name Dobson and the other half has the last name Babcock. The Babcocks come from Canada and the Dobsons come from Germany.

My family is shrouded in mystery...