Nicole I'm not sure about this, Mackenzie said

Mackenzie don't be a baby, just go talk to this mental girl hitomi,

Fine, fine, but you owe me big time.

Sure then she gestured tword the doors of the mental institution

ugh I know I'm gonna regret this she sighed walking in a lady asked May I help you? Um May I speak to Hitomi? Mackenzie said.the nurse replied follow me sweetie, she saw who she was up against, h..h..hello? She stammered

Then Hitomi spoke,

You might think I'm crazy, well duh in in a mental institution,hahaha!

Well you wanted to know my story huh? Well I'm gonna tell you even if you don't wanna hear it

Ha! It starts like this, ever since I was a little kid my parent abuse me, kicked me, slapped me, punched me, you name it, well let me tell you, yesterday this guy came in and killed them he told me he will be back soon,I was put in this creepy place not soon after,I see him now his name is Ricardo,I like Ricardo he's like my brother but we're not related though

Mackenzie thought to herself this kid is crazy

Then she heard a voice that didn't bring to the girl or her out said my Lord your hair, it's so messy, and your piercing blue eyes so weary . . .

Mackenzie yelled who the fuck was that?!?

Hitomi replied Ricardo hahahahaha~

Mackenzie said with unsure sence uh . . . You sure???

Hitomi said really creepy now you see me now you don't

that's the last thing she saw before seeing black


Female Mackenzie found dead in the mental insulin

Hitomi is currently missing if you see her don't approach hide and hope she doesn't see you offer detect you

Her description is as follows

Brown hair going to her waist, blue eyes but in light they are brown,a blue t-shirt, green shorts her belly has knives all around her waist, and the most memorable feature, she has a golden tail connected with her body,

Also her friend"Ricardo"she claims is seven feet two inches, with a rainbow hat, rainbow hair going to his neck, blue and purple eyes, sleeveless green shirt long purple skirt,a cape and calls her"my Lord"

He has two weapons a knife and a very large hammer, thanks for watching and that will be all

Nicole cried she screamed why did I dare her that!!! Just then she heard a huge giggle,

H..h..Hello w..who's there

Nicole stammered

Me and Ricardo a girl appeared and said to her

Just then she jumped on her almost gonna stab her when she whispered these words to her

Now you see me now you don't