"My mother's gone."

Theresa excitedly pulled the keys from her pocket and unlocked the door.

"Are... Are you sure about this?" Leslie asked, and Theresa nodded.

The next two hours were virtually noiseless as several open packages lay around the room. The two scurried around all the packages, looking for a prize.

Until something caught Leslie's eye.

"Hey, Theresa, do you see that?" asked Leslie, looking for any evidence whatsoever.

"See what?" Theresa replied back as Leslie pointed to the glittery object and picked it up, examining it.

"What the..." Theresa exclaimed.

"Wasn't that box in the news?" she continued, taking the box and flipping it again, taking the note at the very bottom of it. What she saw, however, shocked her to the core.

"What's it, Theresa?" Leslie asked, but Theresa was already tugging her arm out of the house.

As soon as they went to Leslie's bedroom, Theresa pulled the note out of her pocket and unfolded it for Leslie to read.

"What's with your mother?" Leslie found her voice.

"She's a maniac... And she wants to kill me..." Theresa answered, trembling.

"I think..... I think you should stay here...." Leslie offered, and they snuggled together before sleeping.

Theresa awoke from her slumber and shook Leslie's shoulder.

"Why... What's wrong?" Leslie asked, rubbing her eyes.

But she noticed that something was terribly wrong.

Theresa locked the door as bloodcurdling screams grew louder and footsteps start to get nearer the door.

"I swear to you that everything will be okay." Theresa started, pulling the blanket over them.

"I hope so.... I hope so..." Leslie replied, smiling gently.

Things aren't going well for them.

(As imagined by one of the thirty-five people who watched the only evidence found by the police)

"I have only dramatized this occurrence, and have not been one of the eyewitnesses, so....."

- As said by the writer in an interview in a television show.