I was walking around town, and somehow I ended up in an alleyway. There was a strange man there who sold me a copy of pikmans. I went home and put the cartridge in my CDI and started playing. After a while, I noticed something was wrong. Everytime I pulled a pikmans out of the ground, a high pitch screaming noise emitted from my CDI. I trembled with fear. But I wasn't oing to put my shiny charizard card I traded to waste. Then It happened. The pikmans become white, and had red eyes. They swayed around olimar for two minutes. Then a picture of a sinister face of olimar apeared on the screen. He said in a demonic voice, "Chunk Clatterboil" we are all PIKMANS!!! I ran up to my room and hid under my bed. I heard a popping noise… and then another. It repeated over and over. Pikmans crawled over me. And I was devoured.

…Thanks for reading. remember this is all true….

I had gotten pictures of these evil creatures but they are too scary to submit.