So I recently bought a laptop about a week ago, Mac of course, I don’t like windows much. I made a blog and Skyped a little. But I like computer games. I have this game I got called POKE’MON CHROME, it's for N64 but I got an emulator for the laptop and downloaded it. I need to play it.

I will. So I started up the laptop and clicked on the game. It came up and started. It was cool it said Pokemon Chrome, so I pressed start. The sound quality was okay, it went to the save file and for an emulator it seemed like some one may have already played the game. They were on 30% into the game. Out of curiosity I clicked it and the screen went black and showed Pikachu and Ash on the screen saying "got to catch them all".

But Ash said to Pikachu don’t you think? So the screen just brought me to a town called Reach. It was haunted. Ash looked scared. Then he turns and falls over like he passed out. This is when things go off, I see Pokemon out in the distance.

It has a knife in it’s hand. But he comes up to Ash and takes his body into the house, then I heard a scream. It said you lost try again. Then it brings me back to the save file. It’s hacked I said. I’ll try again. So it brings me back to Reach. But this time it’s Brock instead of Ash and Squirtle instead of Pikachu. Then music kicks in.

The music is the final boss music from Earthbound. So the same Pokemon comes up and grabs Squirtle and take him into the house and I see blood come out from under the door. The screen turns black then shows the Pokemon from the town.

The name is REACH. That’s the Pokemon from the level. Then it gave me a message, and said:

"TYPE IN THE CODE IN THE OPTIONS! 111 333 9456 5677321/GO REACH!!!"

I was concerned, so I did. I went to the options and typed in the code. It brought me to this picture of all the Pokemon games as the background. Then it showed REACH.

It said:


Then I heard a scream. So it brought me back to my desktop. And I said that was a weird hacked game. Then I turned around and there’s REACH!

He says, "PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!" And blackness. I don’t play any of the hacked games anymore since my experience. If you hear play in a dark voice, then friend, you have the CHROME CURSE.