So,one day I was bored and I was at my house and stuff.So I decided to watch some T.V. but there was nothing on.So I decided to buy a game but not from GameStop or Wal-Mart since their prices are WAY too expensive.I decided to go to the flea market.I saw this really old creepy guy selling games so I decided to buy a game from him.The game was just a disc that had "game" written on it.Seems legit.So I went home and put the game into my Playstation 3,but a message popped up saying that I needed a XBOX to play it.So I bought a XBOX then I put the game in.It was a pokemon game (which is pretty weird since pokemon is a nintendo game) then the screen started glitching up then it blacked out.In bloody lettering in said "You have made a terrible mistake" then it showed all the pokemon with hyper-realistic eyes staring straight at me.That's when I turned off the game and threw the game in the trash.I'm not stupid enough to keep on playing that.Then a skeleton popped out.

Created by Ziggy (id:nico_2140) from Hatena Haiku.