About one month ago, when I found my Pokemon Yellow I was so happy as it had a value to me as my father gave it to me years ago before he passed away which doesn't have anything wrong at all. But then I lost the game when I moved in to another house a year ago so I was really upset and about one month ago, I found it.

As soon as I found it, I ran upstairs and got my GBA to play the game and straight away I could tell something was wrong as Pikachu didn't pop up like normal but I ignored it.

When I loaded my saved game I was in an unknown area. Then a Pikachu walked up onto the screen right next to my sprite. It said "I've missed you Daniel, did you miss me?" and then it said to choose

Yes or No so I picked Yes. It then replied "So why did you let them kill me?" then it fell to the floor and on the screen it said "Derick has died".

I was really freaking out as my dad's name was Derick, how did it know his name and how did it know my name as on my trainercard it said Red.

Then the two characters to the right walked on screen and put Pikachu into a weird ball and walked away with it. All of a sudden, a Mew flew on and it had blood pouring down its eyes and its tail ripped off. When I went to turn off my GBA , the game said "Don't do that" but I turned it off anyway and smashed the game into pieces and then throw them in the bin.

I then went and got my DSi and started playing Pokemon Black and that's when it got wierd. It came up with my saved game and it said "you have become dangerously sick and rushed to his house" then the Pikachu came back on screen saying "you hurt me and now you shall pay" I quickly soft reset my game and the Prof.

Oak came on screen saying "I trusted you with that Pokemon and you killed it. Now you shall pay dearly" then I heard a loud scream from downstairs as I ran down my mum was lying on the floor with blood on her hands with a note that said "I loved you Daniel and you rejected me now pay with your life" and I have never had a friend since, my family thinks I'm cursed and I just want to die all because of

Pokemon................ this will be my last notes on the subject and no one will ever see me again.