My first ever pasta :3

Pokemon Crystal???

I decided to go to a carboot and get a old pokemon cartridge. I was looking for the whole time and couldnt find one. As i Was walking back to my car i saw a cartridge on the floor i picked it up and it said “Pokemon Crystal???” i decided to Pick it up and take it home, well after all i didnt think anyone would want it, i went home and started playing the cart- ridge in my Gameboy colour, it did all the normal things like your mother saying dont go in the grass etc, i decided to choose my starter as totodile. it was all normal until i got to mr pokemons house.. the house was ramsacked and there was " I was expecting you" written with blood on the wall. I started to shake. i instantly turned off my gameboy and blew into the cartridge. i booted up the gameboy and went to choose my save file when it said “Death is soon” for the name, i didnt know what to do. Before i could do anything the game suddenly started, I checked my pokemon and i had 5 unkowns spelling "Death" I dropped my gameboy on the floor screaming the cartridge split in half, and then.. blood poured of the centre of the cartridge i was freaked out… i ran out of my room downstairs and then decided to drive to the carboot where i found the game. what i found was worse. hundreds upon millions of cartridges were scattered along the floor with my face on them instead of suicune. but instead of saying gotta catch them all it said “Gotta kill them all” Suddenly loud pokemon music starts playing and someone says “welcome to the world of pokemon, many deaths await, Including….You” Im speachless and i try to scream, but i cant. my lungs wont let me, its like i have lost my voice, i keep trying to scream but everytime the same words keep looping over and over “welcome to the world of pokemon, many deaths await, Including….You” Suddenly my vision goes, and i hear a pokemon cry, Its hypnos.. “Welcome to hell”

Made by me Luke