This is not mine..It's really bad..

How it beganEdit

I was playing the game "Poképark 2: Wonders beyond". I went to play the minigame with the cake stuff (Forgot the name). After I played a few times, I went back to the regular world. The beach place, to be exact (I keep forgetting the names, sorry). But the water was a crimson red color, and skeletons of other Pokémon were lying all over the place. Then, a cutscene happened.

The middle of the storyEdit

(Note: They weren't talking with actual voices, but this is what stood in the text bubbles)

Oshawott: What's wrong with this place?

Snivy: Everyone is dead! But WHYYYYY?

Tepig: Huh? Hey guys! There's Samurott! Let's ask him.

Samurott: It's HIS fault.

All exept Pikachu: Who?

Piplup:(Out of nowhere) MY FAULT!

Then, I got a choice to ask him a question. "Why?" Or "How?" I picked why.

Piplup: Because I was the most hated of the team. I saw how Chikorita and Charmander hated me, because of my clumsyness. But I killed them, and now, it's your turn.

He started killing Pikachu's friends, but before his beak could reach Pikachu, Samurott blocked him. But he got hit in the eye, and blood started to spill out FAST, filling the sea. Pikachu was steaming with anger and attacked him, which got him in a fight. Against one of his best friends. That's actually pretty sad.

The endingEdit

The battle started, and I noticed Piplup had 1 HP. He attacked with huge waves of water and charged at me with his almighty beak. I dashed into him, but as soon as I hit him, he caught me in a whirlpool and threw me away.

The "Tackle" didn't do any damage, of course. I figured out there was one way to kill him: Thunderbolt. The attack hit him. He let out a sad cry. His head exploded. Blood and guts spilled all over the place, filling the sea yet again. Pikachu was said and a textbox appeared with him saying: "There's no one here. Well, I'll follow the same path as them. Goodbye...", which was weird in two ways: he normally doesn't say anything, and the text was really sad.

He ran towards the sea and drowned himself. Piplup could be heard laughing. I was scared and sad, since I grew up with Pokémon so much that I really, really hated seeing them die. I deleted my saved data and sold this on the internet. But the night after I sold the game, guess who haunted my dreams? PIPLUP!!!

"You will never escape me." He said over and over. Only one way out of this. (Click-click BANG.)