Hi guys!Have you ever heard about hypnotizing?I have but i never believe it is true.But i changed my opinion.Why?

Well a couple days ago i was surfing the internet and i was really bored.I decided to download songs to hear them later.I downloaded some and then i started typing at the search crazy stuff.I typed 666" and i found only one file, it was called Preview 666". I hit download and then i examined it.I found nothing suspicious and my antivirus caught also nothing.So i hit the button "play" the first 3 minutes everything was normal but the music was creepy as hell. Then strange things happened.My computer screen turned red and i heard children's screams. I tried to close it but it refused.So i was forced to hear the whole song.when it finished i finally managed to turn off my laptop.Suddenly i heard a strange noise in my head,the noise was exactly like the noise which TV produces when there is no signal.It was so creepy!I mean it was in my head!This sound continued being produced for about 12 hours and then it stop. I felt my body paralyze and i fell on the ground.I woke up 2 minutes after and i found my self ready to jump from the window.Then i heard a voice coming from the living room saying:<< CUT THE CHAINS HERE IS YOUR FREEDOM>> Template:By