It's on the news. John Terry, dead at 28. Guts ripped out. Head splattered to nothing. Gruesome. Inhumane. Bloody. Gory.


You know what? It's something I needed to jot down. The way the intestines glistened in the air, coated with fresh blood. Maybe moving a bit...the heart, in a pool of blood...

It's prime material. The Creepypasta has to scare, no? Isn't grossing people out scaring them?

So...I wrote.

Day and night, I strove for the piece of art that one day would be nominated, posted on the front page: Pasta of the Month, The Sights!

Alas... although it received high praise, it did not make it.

So, I wrote, and wrote, and wrote...time after time, I posted more pastas onto the site.

Never did it receive the praise again.

I stressed my body for the reward that did not exist. I strained the juices from my mind's bowel, only to find it dry, and strain it once more, and again, and...

The spree eventually came to an end. A pasta of mine was deemed 'troll pasta', and I was blocked for a week.

In the first time in two weeks, I looked at myself in the mirror. Black eyes from lack of sleep, stains of the junk food I've been eating for the past 14 days.

And I knew, at that point, that I needed to stop the pattern, the flow of garbage.

I needed... prime material.

Trying to write another story using the material from Terry's body was useless. I needed new prime material. I needed... fresh blood, in a way.

There was only one way.

The young adolescent struggled to scream underneath my arm, but as pain from the knife lodged in his back flowed in, he stopped squirming.

I looked at the results of the hunt.


I used the material to build a new masterpiece. The paint was not stale and old, but new, fresh from the palette.

There was no way I could lose this chance. The odds of it were, at that time, impossible.

Times have changed.

I keep on trying. It's like a cruel change from the pastas, to the...unfortunate...deaths.

The pastas get nominated, time after time. But no one votes.

I need to keep trying...I can see it on the site already...Fresh Blood, Pasta of the Month!

I can see it! I can see it!

All I need is to keep trying... and search... wait, is that... you dumb bastards. I know where you are.

Because I think I found prime material.