In recent years a show called my little pony friendship is magic has hit the world, and while it did that it gained millions of fans who call them selves bronies or pegasisters both of those to heavily support the show and many were shocked to find out that lauren faust herself voiced a very bad parody of the canterlot wedding episodes.

So she never released it worldwide but those who saw it had a very hard time figuring out if it was real or some kind of prank pulled on the fanbase.

It happened to be both but it was only aired in india and only a population of 200 saw it, not that much compared to the fanbase that has sixteen million followers, luckly the episodewasnt bad enough to make anyone commit suicide. In fact the videos of it are pretty hilarious. it is a spinoff of the song this day which is also shown here. Weird huh ?
File:This Day Aria
File:Cadance Has Hot Mare Problems (MLP YTP)