JUNE 7th, 2011:

The body was found hung by its own intestines on the "Super 8" motel room ceiling fan. It is a female of about 20 years old. The victims limbs were partially eaten shown by the tooth marks on the upper section of the victim's tibia. The right eye of the victim is missing, and the left eye looks like it was completely removed and put back in again. Behind the remaining eye was a small, crumpled up note on wich is crudely written "REPENT". We have scanned the area for fingerprints and hair, DNA samples or footprints, but the entire room was clean apart from the blood of the victim splattered on the ground, ceiling and walls.

JUNE 29th, 2011:

The victim's limbs have been completely cut off, then sewn back on to the wrong places. The victim has been confirmed female, 20 years old. The breasts of the woman were missing, and later found in the bathtub of the master bathroom, in the victim's house. Once again, the right eye is missing, and the left eye was removed and put back. Behind the eye was another small, crumpled up piece of paper that said, "REPENT". We are certain that this was the work of the killer of the body found in the Super 8 motel almost a month ago. We once again searched the area for fingerprints, or any kind of evidence that could lead to the killer, but found nothing.

About 6 days after that report was turned in the author was brutally murdered in her home at around 4:37 AM. her body was in almost the exact conditions as the last victim. The only difference was, that the little crumpled piece of paper behind her left eye said, "I FORGIVE YOU".