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Ever had that feeling of being watched? Like there's a pair of eyes somewhere; stalking you like prey. Only they never attack. This comes from the presence of the Watchers. It is their duty to spy on you and watch as your life goes by. But that's not all they do. Think about it this way: you are an hourglass, and the sand inside you contains the amount of time you have. When the sand drains out, that's when they come for you. It's usually at a time when you're alone. The shadows begin to form a figure, continuously changing until it becomes somewhat human. It will approach you, coming closer and closer...

And in a flash you're gone. Away from this dimension, somewhere far out of humanity's reach. It is unbeknownst what becomes of you. Should you become another entity or even a Watcher yourself is a mystery. But all of this shall be revealed when the time is right. When you leave this very Earth and your fate is determined.