The IntroductionEdit

There was a small group of friends at a high school. Of course, there is only one surviving member alive as of now. The three members are as follows: Brandon, Daniel and Braiden. If you have read my other CP then you should know that two of these people lived through this story, however the other fate is unknown to you as of now.

Ordinary Kids? - 19th of January 2008Edit

So these kids were average teenagers. They lived normal lives. They were kids, after all You see, Braiden and Daniel were the leaders of the group. They were interested in the paranormal as well. One day Brandon was hosting a party. Everyone listed was invited and therefore all arrived at his place. Braiden decided to try to contact any spirits that may have been manifested inside Brandon's farm. He must have forgot that there was a spirit that had once owned this house. A dark spirit. The house had previously been owned by a deranged psychopath named Kieran Jacobs. He was on a killing spree at about 17 kills, all cut up and put into bags. then left by the road, left to rot. His death came as he was fashioning a poisoned pin and he accidentally pricked himself. He died hours later, holding a small mirror.

First Contact - 19th of January 2008Edit

Well, anyway, Braiden was able to contact him by talking to the very mirror that Kieran held as he died. Braiden knew he was connected by the strong feeling of negative energy around them. He made a joke:

"If you are with us give us a sign. Anything, come on! Give us your biggest sign!" He let out a chuckle. He turned towards Brandon.

"Take Brandon and possess him. Possess him if you are with us!" Braiden whispered. Brandon looked at him with a look of terror on his face. The room fell silent. Everyone waited.

"It didn't work. I feel fi..." Brandon was about to say as he was thrust up into the air. He didn't scream. He must have been too scared to. They could only watch as his skin was slowly being peeled off of his chest.

"Help." He uttered faintly as he was bleeding all over the place. His flesh and muscles were visible. His arms were ripped off with a load ripping sound, like the sound of velcro, and a sickening plonk! Daniel and Braiden were the only ones to escape.

The AftermathEdit

Everyone who ever moved into that area were found dead, armless and with their chests skinned. Braiden committed suicide several years later for another reason and the only last survivor, me, stayed alive long enough to write this story.