Lori loud woke up to  find herself laying down on a table she looks around she then ask where am I then Clyde steps into view then Lori yells at him to let her go but Clyde just walks to her holds her down by the neck and opens his mouth revealing vampire fangs then says time to feast and then sinks his teeth into her neck Lori then began to scream and trash around Clyde starts to drink her blood as if it she was a juice box she could feel her pulse getting louder she screamed and trashed around she evened cried a little as she saw clyde's belly expand and push up his shirt . As for Clyde doing this was amazing he loved how every ounce of her blood flowing in his mouth and it going into his belly over the next couple of seconds lori's struggles and screams slowly got weaker and she got more pale and wrinkled as Clyde was drinking her blood  she finally closed her eyes and finally went limp Clyde removed his fangs and looked down at her cold life and bloodless body he then wiped his mouth with his arm and then said ahhh Lori your blood sure was tasty he then rubbed his belly that was  filled with lori 's blood that jiggled every step he toke and left the room