Clyde was walking down the hall his big belly jiggling and swaying with every step he took he absolutely loved drinking blood . Clyde then says ahhhh that hit the spot smiling showing his fangs he then saw Lola walking into the room where Lori had been drained she then prepares to leave only for the door to closed by Clyde . She then asked what did you do to her Clyde then says samething I am going to do to you suck you dry Lola then bust down the door Clyde just smiled and turns into a bat and began to fly after her he eventually manages to pin her down stomach first then whisper into her ear time for seconds he then bites Lola's neck as first she trys to push him off but to no avail she could feel her blood flowing out of her she the screams help help help her vision starts to get blurry and she got pale and wrinkled just like Lori after  6 seconds she was done . Clyde belly at this point was huge it hung down half way to his knees he licks his bloodstained chin then smiled and said geese that was some yummy 0+ he then go into the darkness of night looking for another victim leaving lola's bloodless colorless body there in the hall