So I was playing on my singleplayer BL server, making a old-school Catch Gamma Ghost server, and then a person joined the server named ReNdErMaN. I typed in the chat "hello?" He typed back: "dO nOt CoMe BaCk oR eLsE." Something seemed strange about this fellow. When he had spawned, he was pitch back, no accesories, and the classic rape face. He had cleared all my bricks and then said, "dO noT ComE BACk." I had pressed F2 to see if this was an event or it was real. What appeared next, was the wierdest thing. Renderman started spamming the chat box, "i TOld YoU" and then I left, scared shitless. My blockland version was "ReNdarMen VeRsIon 1 nO.1" And my famous screenies of famous blockland people were changed. It had changed to the people he had scared. One of them was my friend. He hadn't been on in a while, so I thought this was the reason. My RTB friends list was gone, the chat box was empty besides me and "rEnDerMaN". He said "DoN'T WorRy," and I said "Who are you" and he replied, "Your worst nightmare." Scared shitless, I exited my blockland. My wallpaper had changed to the exact moment when I saw him. I then loaded back up my blockland, to catch this person with screenshots. I "made a singleplayer server again. Renderman was already there. He said "I ToLD YoU DoNt CoME BACK". My game froze, but I could still type. My screen was shaking, like you almost got hit with the rocket launcher. The "prepare your anus" (rapeface) appeared as a trans on my screen. The only way I thought I could get out was Ctrl+alt+del. Blockland wasnt running in my tasks. So I go to the applications bar. There was a program named "ReNderMan". I shut off my computer and booted it back up. The boot screen changed to "Renderman OS" with the rape face. My login name had changed to "Renderman" I unplugged everything and threw my old computer in the trash. Three months later I got a new one. As soon as I booted it up I died by a siezure.