About a year ago, a young girl from a small town had left for a horseback riding session and never came back.

She wasn't really loved-her aunt ignoring her, her uncle abusing her and her aunt whenever he was home, and her favorite cousin being dead- and was forgotten about after a few months.

The police marked her case a cold file, and was never spoken of again.

Until the Stirrings began.

It was fifteen minutes to midnight, and the girl's aunt was putting her beloved son to rest after a nightmare.

He said he saw a skeleton and its horse chasing him, not making a single sound all the while. His mother said that it was nothing, then turned off the lights.

The boy woke up again three minutes later, feeling as if someone was at the door. He peered over, and to his surprise:


At least, it didn't feel like there was anything.

He went back to sleep.

Five minutes to midnight, he woke up again, this time positive that something was in the doorway. Just ever so turning his head, he heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall. And his mother's voice, yelling.


That was all he heard until the knife was in her chest.

He closed his eyes shut, reassuring himself that it was all a dream.

She stood in the doorway, but her back was turned. She ever-so-gently opened the door to the boy's parent's room, where the uncle lay asleep.

All he saw was the shadow of a skinny, almost skeleton-like figure bringing a knife down on his father's head.

He knew he was next.

She walked into his room, not skeleton-like at all. She was in that of a marcher's uniform, with bones painted on the front and back, arms and legs. Her face was painted to depict the skull within it. "It was for your own good. Dear, sweet, precious child."

The next morning, the girl was gone. All that was left was bloody hoofprints throughout e premise. The parents of the boy were long dead, lying in poses as that of marching in a parade.

The police took the boy in for questioning, and all he said was "The dream was all too real." He wouldn't speak any further.

Stirrings such as this continued with other children in similar family affairs. This girl has only been spotted riding a horse in armor themed as a skeleton, and no other form of transportation. She was dubbed "Riding Skeleton" as of three months ago.

As for the boy?

He still lives in the little village, awaiting her return.