Slowly, the criminal spoke today. His slick words couldn't save him as they had before. The rope was around his neck and the crowd craved blood; they craved his blood. He didn't want to speak, but because of the magnitude of his crimes, the townspeople demanded him to say something.

Furthermore, they demanded an explanation as to why he slaughtered the youngest member of each family. He resented telling them, but he had been chosen. Man needed something to fear now more than ever.

They were already under the silly assumption that they were dominant of all the creatures in nature. His slow voice rumbled through the now silent crowd. He'd prepared no soliloquy, but spoke sure of himself as the people began to quiver at the truth.

He ended: "The fairy-tales aren't just tales, you fools. The blood suckers your children fear are really there." The crowd rose in uproar. A bold man shouted above the rest, "Prove yourself!"

The crowd agreed entirely.

The dark man on the gallows smiled a smile that should never be on a man's face that was going to hang. His eyes light up with blue fire and his teeth bared, the canines elongated and fierce.

The soldier manning the trap door flinched and the alleged creature's body dropped and broke straight through the two-inch thick rope. The crowd of once brave men rean for their lives as teh convict stood tall.

He shouted an order: "Now!" and a dozen other men with similar demeanors started attacking the crowd from within. They made quick work and by high noon, the thirteen ment were all that were left of Roanoke colony. There was no one left alive. No men, no women, no kids, no trace.