I had a really, really creepy experience that I'm sure you won't believe. I know it might sound fake but it really happened!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so one day while playing Roblox I bought some ROBUX with my credit card and went to by a Dominous. I accidentally hit ? whiletyping it in. Surprisingly a hat came up with the exact name! I tnoticed it was a Dominous so I bought it and it was for free, which really surprised me. I put the hat on my avatar... AND THEN IT VANISHED!!!!!!!!!

I joined some place for some reason and someone named ? was already there wearing the same Dominous. "Time to suffer." he sad. "What do yu mean" I asked. ? Then rushed to me and instantly killed me. When I died, though, the nearly always comical cry was instead a pained scream and blood spurted out of my avatar. It looked hyper realistic not like the blood that cam out of a avatar when a guy put a scripted on it. I left the game and the site turned into the default Roblox face with real looking blood pouring out of they're eyes. I stared at this for maybe five minutes before I tried turning off my computer.

IT DIDN'T WORK!!! I was rezlly creeped out now until the browser closed and my computer worked fine again. I turned it off for the night and went to bed. 

My dream had me being chased by ? and he caught up with me by teleporting right in front of me. I woke up before he ciuld kill me, crying. Later that day I played ROBLOX again BUT ? FOLLOWED ME EVERYWHERE I WENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told him "quit stalking me" and he just said ? every time!!!!! I then was tped to an empty baseplate with that maniac standing in front of me! There was a cutscene of us fighting with swords. I was winning but he stabbed me through the chest. Hyper-realistic blood spurted out of my avatar when the game closed. It then transportec me to my friends page with all my friends wearing that ? hat!!! I turned the browser off and I'm typing this on Word, OH NO HE'S HERE PLEASE HELP ME GU SHHFGJTFHNVVGHKL LO HVDX. #/% g ft hhffgn, yyj I h

????????- This is ? Go ahead, by the hat. It doesn't matter, I'll still get you next!!!