During summer vacation of 2014, I decided to play Roblox all the me. I often played with my friends. My username was UltimatePBJ103 and my friend was namedown LegoAdventures2. I was 14 and my friend was 13 and we played a lot of good games like tycoons and death themed games. For my birtdhay I got lifetime OBC which was awesome since I could now become a maser. I became rich quickly. One day though, my friend was going on vacation for the month of July and wouldnto be oline. I was sad but not too sad. I decided to keep playing Roblox. One day of the front page, I saw a new game called: "The Dark Layers" I clicked on it but when I did it took me to the page of a Nuke Testing Game. I decided to click play and play the game and everything was normal until I fell through the floor. I landed in an area that was slightly darker, and suddenly the people online werent as nice as normal. I walked around until I fell through again. THis time, it was even darker and the people were neutral in their nice or rudeness. I also started to see their avatars were bleeding a little bit. I kept falling down Layers, each getting worse, until I reached the 10th layer, at that point it was pitchblack , their avataers were mulitated with blood and Gore and bones. they were being extremely rude with constant insults and for some reason their messages werent tagged. there was constant whispering and they chased me and attacked me. when I died instead of an oof sound my character was ripped in half and screamed so loud my eardruMs exploded, I was now deaf. I threw the computer on the floor and smasehd it to bits. I cried to hard and went to the doctor for an ear exame and they said they could do an implant, so I learneed sign langue get for the time being and got a colloquial implant so now i can hear and now here were are. im now 19 and this is my story. this is 100% real, that game is real, everything her is a true story. if you don;t believe me, so be it but those who do, head my warning. never visit the dark layers