Hello guys. This story is not true. But hey!


It was a beautiful morning at 8:30 at 12/02/2019. I was happy and went downstairs. I ate my breakfast, then got on Roblox. I noticed a strange friend request from an unknown user. I shrugged it off and accepted it. Suddenly, my Roblox Screen went red with text that was in black saying:

"Thanks for your account, stupid! >:)"

I messaged my friends to tell them what happened and this is what they replied:

"He is coming." "He will destroy our Roblox Accounts." "He cannot be stopped." "You know who he is..."

I replied "Heck no." And things got crazier.

I got a WINDOWS LONGHORN Red screen of death. I don't know how, as I use Windows 10.

I restored every file I had and went back on my computer. I was really angry so I accidently clicked on a link that lead to:

Me, being the stupid kid I am, and was, downloaded the "hack" I clicked on it and it deleted system32.

I restored system32 and I never saw any detail that's wrong about my Computer, or my Roblox Screen again, the link lead to an error page, and this story had a happy ending after.

The... End?