It’s 1985. Today it’s just another boring day on Earth for everyone. I, Jessie Elenmeyer, anticipate that today is just going to be a boring day as any other. I already woke up to see the generic view of the street where I live, the Dolphin Street, from Chicago, and now I’m going to see my mom and go to work. You probably wonder why I this bored am. Well, I’m like that since the divorce of my parents.

I miss a lot my father. He used to entertain me all the time, although my mother was like any girl for the old times: boring, irritating and dumb. He’s the one that made me think I’d be someone with a great future, having a healthy family and be happy everyday. However, when I was 13, my dad was forced to go away because of his job and he couldn’t stand my mom’s immaturity anymore. He couldn’t take me with him because he though he couldn’t handle me by himself, so I had to stay with my annoying mother, and I still need to help her nowadays. It’s not her fault for being like that though; she has some body deficiencies and has some serious dieceases.

Since then, I had nobody to help me in my knowledge and I failed the year many times in school, and in a certain point I decided to leave school. Nowadays, I work in a mirror factory. I spend many hours working there, and I barely have any time to have fun. However, when I do, I listen to any music that plays in the radio. I enjoy doing this a lot, too bad I have this calm moment for about a few minutes, since I normally have to take care of my mother and does some other stuff.

So, just as you expected there wasn’t anything special today, so far. I think it’s time to do something quite different. I heard about a dance club near my mom’s house. I think I’m going there today at night.

The night arrived. I helped my mother at some things, and warned her about the change I was planning.

“Mother, please, I really need to have some fun somewhere now”, she explained.” I know you need me a lot, but could you please take care of yourself for a while?”

“Yes, you can go away for a while. Just make sure you have already done your house chores”, explained.

“I did, mom. I’m going to dress myself up to the club now. Please, take care of yourself.”

I went to my bedroom and dressed myself up and I also put makeup. I was very happy at this moment; I never took care of myself since a long time. When I was done, I entered my car and went to the dance club.

When I arrived, I noticed it was a pretty charming place, with cool looking people. Just when I entered the place itself, the public was dancing to Karma Chameleon. After looking at the bar for a while, someone tried to grab my attention. It was a good looking guy. I decided to take a chance on him. I sat near him and started talking.

“Hey there, enjoying the party?” I ask.

“Sure I am, but that’s not the reason I tried to call you, ya know.” he explains.

“I know that! So, tell me, who are you?”

“Nice to meet you! My name is Jefferson Hamber. I’m a singer who sings for shows in many kinds of places with my new wave band Glowstones.We work in multiple cities, including Chicago. I’m here just to have a good time with myself. What about you?”

“Well, I’m just a person who works for a mirror factory, nothing special. I often spend time taking care of my mother and doing house chores. I rarely do something different, and you’re probably noticing, this is my first time in a dance club. Honestly, it’s much better than I expected. Are you good at dancing? Monotonous talking is not too entertraining, you know…”

“Fine then, let’s dance to whatever is playing!” he decides, while laughing quietly.

When we danced on the dance floor, he impressed me. Not just that he’s a really good dancer, but he also has a great voice for singing. We spent the time dancing for about 2 hours.

When I started to feel tired, I told him to stop. Then, we exited the place.

“Hey, that was fun!” he says. “What about we go spend time somewhere again? Here, take my job and home address and my phone number. Try calling me someday again, okay?”

“Yes, I promise I will. See ya!”

When I entered home, everything was fortunately normal. I saw my mom sleeping already, so I decided it was time to rest for today.

For many days, my generic routine was back. Work, house chores and sleep all over again, until someday in a random time in a morning I got courage to call Jefferson again. We decided to meet each other in his studio after my work period. He putted the address in the paper he gave me. His studio is pretty far from here.

When I was working, someone called me to visit Mr. Davidson’s office. I went to his office after done working. When I saw him, he wasn’t happy with me at all.

“Jessie, please, sit down and pay attention for what I’m going to say.” Say Mr. Davidson while holding a pencil. “You’ve been an unproductive worker since the last week. You know that I get mad at lazy workers, right? So, keep going like that and I’ll fire you.”

“Understood. I’ll keep your message in my mind. Farewell.”

I don’t like working at this place at all. It’s a horrible place to work. It’s dirty and loud. It’s the perfect combination of stress, and Mr. Davidson is actually really that mad. One simple mistake and he already discounts money from your salary, and it’s because of that and my laziness why I barely have any money left at the end of the month. I have already considered changing my job, but moving to another factory wouldn’t have many differences.

When I went to Jefferson’s studio, I was welcomed by one of the band’s members.

“Hello madame, may I help you?” he asks.

“Sure. I’d like to speak with Jefferson.”

“No problem, I’ll call him. Have a seat meanwhile.”

I ate some candy, and Jefferson suddenly appeared.

“Hey Jessie, could we please go to another place?” he requested. “We’re done working for today, and I want to talk about more private stuff.”

“That’s fine. What about we go to the shopping mall nearby?”

“Good idea!” he agrees. “Let’s go.”

We arrived at the mall. We went to a coffee stand, and then we started talking.

“So, Jessie, do you consider me as your boyfriend?” he asked.

“Sure I do. I was waiting for someone to care about me, other than my father. But tell me, what you were doing recently?”

“We were writing a new song by ourselves.” he explains. “However, I don’t wanna mention its theme yet. I think you’ll like it though.”

“That sounds nice. Meanwhile, I’m often being punished by my boss from the factory I work at. I think we should make plans that involve both of us in an adventure. I’m sick of Chicago, my mother needs more medical help that I can’t afford, and my job place is starting to make me go crazy. Could you help me by someway?”I asked.

“Sure I can, but I’m not a rich person. If the medicine is too expensive, I won’t allow you to take my money,since I also need to buy medicine against allergies,and it’s not cheap at all,and I still need money to spend money in basic needs,objects and the list goes on.”

“If you can lend me 500 dollars without having problems, that’s great.”

“I think I can. I’ll deposit money in your bank account tomorrow. How often will I have to give you money though?” he asks.

“Just once, probably. The medicine recovers body injuries forever, at least by what medics say.”

“Okay, then. When you buy the medicine, do you have any plans about your job?”

“I’m planning to keep being lazy at work until Mr Davidson fires me” I said. “However, I’ll only do that if you have any plans of living anywhere else with me.”

“That sounds like a nice idea. However, grab as much money as you can to help me spend at our future house.”

“I shall do that.”

“Maybe we can move to somewhere where anyone from your family lives. What about your father?” he asked.

“I’d love to see my father again. He works as a psychologist in San Francisco. I don’t know anything about anyone else from my family though. I barely had any contact with anyone else other than my mother and father. According to my father, my family is not a good example of a good family for many reasons. I want to meet him again to know what the reasons are as well.” I explained.

“Sounds like a good plan. I’ll talk to my band mates to see if everyone agrees at moving our studio as well.”

“Okay then, I’ll be very patient. Promise me that it won’t take more than a month to move to San Francisco?”

“I do, don’t worry.”

We drank some coffee after this conversation, and we were both quiet, only doing facial expressions as a communication way. After that, we decided to go to our homes.

When I entered home, I was desperate to talk about the amazing news for my mother. She was going to sleep in her bedroom.

“Mother, I have amazing news to tell you!” I screamed.

“What is it, girl?”

“I made a deal with my boyfriend, and now I’ll be able to buy the medicine you need!”

“That’s great, but... who’s your boyfriend? And are you taking this relationship this seriously? We need to talk, right now.” She said.

“Oh, come on! I though you’d be way happier than you are!” I complained.

“Please, Jessie, this is serious. Stop being so immature and listen to me.”

“Alright, fine… just tell me what’s wrong already!”

“Jessie, you’re in a very important step. It doesn’t matter how you see your boyfriend, reality is behind your eyes. This guy could be the person, who you really want, and he can be the right option, or if you go further with him, you’ll regret meeting him for the rest of your life. I met your father in a pretty similar way like you did. When he kissed my hand, said he wanted to stay with me for the rest of his life and gave me flowers, I couldn’t resist accepting him. Do you know what I discovered later? He’s a liar, arrogant and a disgusting man. Wanna know how we weren’t miserable when you were a kid? He used to make illegal business after his work period, and he had multiple jobs during his life. He had many fake certificates, just as an excuse to someone actually care about him and hire him. When he decided to be a medic or a lawyer, he always made many mistakes. He made many people die and guilty persons are free because of him. Now, you probably wonder how he never went to prison. Well, he always changed our indendities. You’re not really Jessie Elenmeyer, you have so many names that we only remember the one you’re using now.”

“Stop saying these things, mom. Do you think I’m going to believe what you’re saying? Father is the best person ever. He’d never do such things just for the sake of us. By the way, I’d like to know your opinion about Jefferson, my boyfriend.” I requested.

“Oh, please. I think you already know what I’m about to say.” she said. “Do you really think that someone is trustworthy by letting you take money away from him? This just sounds too wrong to be trustable. I don’t like him, Jessie. If I were you, I’d break up with him.”

“What?! How dare you talk about Jefferson like that! He’s my opportunity of having a better life! I see nothing wrong with him! I’m sick of your criticism!”

“You don’t believe me? That’s fine. Let me just explain one more thing. Let’s use your objectives and split them in two sides, being both of them hills. You have the Hill of Safety. If you run up to this hill, you’ll have the opportunity of having the most wonderful time of your life with your boyfriend and maybe your future husband and you’re going to have a wondeful family, and die without any problems left. However, if you decide to run up the Hill of Chaos, where eveything you do won’t result in good things, you’re going to suffer many social problems and something really cruel may happen. As my last request, please, spend time thinking about your decisions. I’m worried about you, daughter. I don’t want to see you in a condition like mine when you have my age!” she explained.

“I’m already mad at you, so I don’t even care about anything that you say. I know what I’m doing, for God’s sake! Just take your medicine and leave me alone!” I said.

“Jessie…you’re running up the wrong hill…”

After this conversation, I entered my bedroom and shutted the door, and forgot about everything she said.

For a week, I worked hard in my job to don’t get fired in the wrong time, and I stopped talking to Jefferson for a while, he also had a tough week. After the end of the weekend, I called Jefferson again. We had a long chat in the phone, and he allowed me to try to be fired today.

Near the end of my working period, I made a “huge” mistake of not cleaning the piece of mirror from garbage. Mr. Davidson soon saw the disaster I made.

“What’s this?! Do you think this is quality work?! That’s absurd!” he shouted. “I think you’re asking to be fired, so I’ll officially tell you that you’re fired! Now, get out of this place!”

“Ugh, fine…”

Even though I’m not extremely happy for being fired, I’m glad to know that I might have chances of going to work somewhere less stressful. Maybe I can convince Jefferson to let me work with him at some part in his music stuff.

I go to the park he mentioned before. It’s a pretty beautiful place, very well preserved for a public park. After a while, he appears.

“Hello my cute flower, let’s just go straight for our plans. So, we need to talk more about some detais, right?” he suggested.

“Yes we do, but don’t worry, it’s not much. I just wanna know when you plan to move to our new place? And is it going to be a house or an appartment?” I asked.

“Fortunately, I made a deal with my bank, and we’re going to rent a house for a much lower cost than planned. We can go there anytime. You made your boss fire you, right?”

“Yes, I did. I’m now free. However, I need to warn my mother and my father about that though. But now, I ask you about your parents. Where do they live or what do they do?” I asked.

“Well, it’s a sad story. They died in a car accident when I was 21, by crashing their car on a sign.” he explained.

“Oh, I’m sorry to make you remember that. You probably miss them.”

“Actually, not really.” he says. “They were rich, but they never really allowed me to do what I wanted. I’m only an artist nowadays because of their death. They used to think I was going to be a lawyer, a medic, a scientist, or anything I hated. By the way, I studied medicine until they died, and I always have studied everyday. But I don’t think studying like crazy added much affect for me. If I choose for being a simple person like you and a medic, I’d rather take a job at a factory. At least there’s not much to do, and you don’t explode your mind just to pass an university exam. I was going to do that actually, but then I discovered I’m a guy who was born for art. I discovered that after talking to one of my few friends, and the nowadays drummer from our band, Austin Tenner, when he told me to write a song and sing it. He was impressed, and after meeting some other people, we work as a band.”

“Well, that’s good for you, I guess. Anyway, could we go to San Francisco tomorrow? I wanna get rid of my mother as soon as possible.”

“Well, that’s ok. I need to go now. See ya.”

I decided to go as well, since I have to warn my mother about this plan as well.

Jefferson only exited the park for real when he saw Jessie running away. He drove through the streets to go home, while thinking about Jessie.

“Ah, Jessie, how stupid you are. You don’t know anything about me yet. It’s amazing how you can impress somebody by just looking handsome and giving money for necessities. She’s my dog now. She’s going to do anything that I want, and that’s going to be the best part of moving to San Francisco. She’s the perfect example of a worthless person, a flower killed by unexpected evil, or a slave who works for the comfort of a king. The unfair world is so sweet. Being a leader of a bitch is like eating chocolate with the same good taste forever without getting sick of it. It’s just this great.”

When Jessie entered home, her mother was already running and doing house chores without complaining.

“Seems like the medicine worked, huh?” I said.

“Oh, hello Jessie. What’s up?”

“I have something important to tell you and it’s probably going to annoy you again. Tomorrow, I’m going to San Francisco, and I and Jefferson are going to live there. Do you think you can live alone now? You’re allowed to borrow some money from us if you sometime have any financial problems.” I explained.

“Yes, I can, but I don’t want to see you going anywhere alone, after living so many years in the same place without going to anywhere else outside Chicago.”

“Ah, not this again… please mom, let me take care of myself once and for all!”

“That’s fine. If you resist listening to the reality that’s out there, then go ahead. Don’t go crying on my carpet if something ever happens to you.” she said.

After this conversation, I started to pick my important things up to put it in some boxes. After doing that, I waited for the day arrives. I couldn’t wait for Jefferson to arrive here anymore.

The morning has arrived. I called Jefferson by the phone and we decided to meet each other in the same park from yesterday. I was too mad at my mother to care about talking to her, and it seems like she didn’t even noticed me. I went here, and Jefferson was sitting on a random bench, waiting for me. I spoke to him.

“So…are we going to San Francisco now?”

“Yes, just enter my car and put your boxes in the trunk, and we’re ready to go.”

I put my boxes in the car, and then we started to drive through many states I never expected to enter before, especially when we entered the west region. We drove for 3 days in total. Our new location now is in a pretty silent and beautiful street with many buildings next to each other. We entered the appartent. It’s decent for a couple with no kids. We left our stuff there and then decided what to do.

“You know, Jefferson, I think I need to start calling you Jeff. Saying your name all the time is starting to get old.” I suggested.

“That’s fine. But anyway, do you want to talk to your father? I can help you finding his office.”

“You don’t have to. Just worry about our house’s decoration and this kind of stuff.”

After exiting the house and exploring our neighbourhood for a while, I checked a telephone directory and saw my father’s name and his phone. I immediately called him by borrowing someone’s phone.

“Hello father, do you recognize me? It’s your daughter, Jessie Elenmeyer. I’d like to talk to you in your office.” I said.

“Oh dear, I miss you so much!” he answered, with hapiness. “You can enter my building and enter my office right now. I’ll be waiting for you.”

I turned off the phone and went to the building my father works in. It’s a pretty fancy place, with gold objects and decoration everywhere. That makes the story my mother told me about two weeks ago a joke.

When I entered the elevator and entered his office, he welcomed me in a pretty bizarre way. “Hello, Jessie, now please sit down as quickly as possible, and don’t you even dare have curiosity about this room other than the windows.” he explained.

“Uh…okay…so, could you please tell me how your life is going at the very least?”

“Yes, I can. It’s been wonderful. I have patients everyday that complains about their bullshit of their depressive and miserable lifes, and I tell them what to do. By doing this, I’m rich and I can buy anything that I want, just for pleasure.” he said.

“That’s nice, but could you help me buying some things for my new appartment? We’re in a pretty damn critical stage behind your chair.”

“I won’t.Do you know why? It’s because you’re just like any loser from this world, made to satisfy one person. In fact, the solution I normally give for my consumers would be to commit suicide, murder other people or do any basic violence against someone. Now, you wonder why this is the solution I give. The world has chaos and disorder because some want safety and others wants chaos. It’s like socialism and capitalism. The worldwide population will only be satisfied if only one of these elements, or hills if I was your dumb mother, being completely used in everyone. However, safety sucks ass. It’s boring, silly, it only makes us believe the world is perfect, and something bad will never happen, while the chaos makes us wake up for reality and makes the world put their eyes for people who deserved being noticed. So, in what hill do you wanna run up? The Safety Hill, where everyone is a pussy, or the Chaos Hill, the best option?”

“Well, I don’t think I-“

“No, stop talking right now.” he warns. “Listen to me. Forget about your boyfriend, your mother, you new appartment, your new city, anything. Relax, and just do whatever I do, because I know what your opinion about that is. You’re my daughter; you were made to agree with anything I say.I wanted to create you for a good reason. Now, stay focused at me this entire time. You’re going to do whatever I say. The first thing you’re going to do after I finish brainwashing you is to go home and tell your boyfriend, who’s actually a random person that I ordered him to attract you, about our little secret plan that involves the members of his fake new wave band. We’re going back to Chicago and do as much destruction as we can of your old stupid street, and we’re going to murder as many people as possible, including your fucking mother, and so we’re going to show how chaos is way superior to safety. We’re going to do the same process from your old street, but in everywhere else, and to help us, I’ll go call some of my patients. Now, I’m done for speaking. Resume everything I said for your boyfriend and the band members.” he said.

I entered our apartment after staying at my father’s office for a long time. He was cooking some food four us. After we had a quiet dinner, he asked me about what I did in my father’s office.

“So…was it fun to see your father again?”

“Sure it was. We spent some time talking and playing some games, and he made a request for me that involve us. Actually, he did many, but this is the one he ordered me to do today.”

“What is it about?” he asked.

“It’s about our secret plan that you made with my father.” I explained.

“What?! You know about this plan now too?! Smart girl! He probably didn’t explain a few details though. He told me we can go to Chicago by his helicopter and we can execute the plan any day you want, or we can just do it now. All we need to do is call your father, my band and some of the teenagers your dad took care of and wait for the night if we arrive at daylight period.” he explained.

“I want to execute this plan at this moment. Go call your boys while I call my dad.”

I called my father by the phone and then we entered his office again, and we entered his helicopter by the window. It was pretty scary because the building was pretty tall, and if I fall, it’s over. The helicopter has a pretty weird format, and I still feel unsafe even when inside it. Everything seems like it’s going to fall anytime, and there was barely any space left when everyone was inside it.

After entering Chicago again, we exited the helicopter and sat in an isolated area from the valley behind my previous street. It’s a really quiet place. My father started to give us instructions about the plan’s execution.

“Hey Jessie, you’re going to stay with me when the night arrives.” he expalined. “We’re going to be responsible for the stealth part. Since you’re the dumbest from our group, I’ll give you a personal tutorial later. Your boyfriend and his band are going to take care of the explosives part, while my patients will just shoot when I tell them to. Everyone will have a knife, a handgun and an assault rifle, all of them with silencers. I’m going to shoot others by the spot we’re here right now with my sniper weapon after helping Jessie in her part, and watch the fabulous show!”

I was insecure about this plan at this moment, so I tried to talk with my dad.

“Look, father, I don’t like how this is going. I don’t wanna go to prison or get killed by the police if something happens. I wish I could help you in your mission, but I have don’t have courage, and even though I hate my mother, I see no point at killing her. She was just like any other person in this world, just like me. If she was like an annoying and rich person like you, I’d be more interested.”

“Jessie, don’t make me grab my gun to explode your stupid brain. You should know that there’s no turning back now. Or you kill her, or you get killed by me or someone else! Don’t piss me off anymore!”

I gave up at trying refusing the mission. I’m still not sure if I’ll really regret doing this. However, my mother could be probably right, now. I’m still going to try making my father proud of me, even if I do some mistakes.

The night has finally arrived. Everyone was a bit sleepy, so my dad shouted at our faces.

“Wake up, morons! We have business to do!”

Everyone started to pick their equipment. I feel a bit awkward about I using a gun. It not feels terrible to handle it, but I never expected to ever see and use a real gun.

Once again, my dad keeps shouting to make us pay attention to him, and later explained some more shit. Finally, we started moving, by sliding on the ground. This is probably one of my last fun moments. However, every time I saw my street closer to me, I start to regret even more my decision. I hated my mother and my job, but at least I was safe back at this time. I barely had anything to worry about other than taking care of my mother. It was a simple time, and I miss it now. It’s weird how everything changed so fast though, and I couldn’t get used to the changes since I’m so immature, weak and forgettable.

When we finally ended sliding, we stayed for a while near a huge tree, and we started to run away in gropus. My boyfriend and his band went to the north to put some powerful explosives in some small buildings from the street. My father’s patients ran for the west, then they were hidden in a bush near the road, preparing to shoot. Then, I and my father went to the east, and we started to make holes in the dirt, walls and the roof to reach to the victms.

My dad later explained me how to murder someone quietly, with a knife. It sounded quite obvious, but I wasn’t in the mood for revenge or mindless killing right now, so I tried to refuse the plan again.

“Father, I know you’d like to kill me after saying this, but I just can’t take this seriously. Why can’t we at least kill someone that really bothers you in this chaos plan, other than mother?” I asked.

“Keep.fucking.practicing. We might find someone walking in the streets soon. Just keep making a hole meanwhile, and no.more.questions!”

I continued digging, until I had enough space for us to enter. I slowly cut the wooden part of the floor with a saw. We entered the house, and nobody was in the living room. It seems like the first house only had one person, and he was distracted reading a book while looking at the window at the same time. My father gave me the last instruction before the murder.

“Have no mercy when you start slicing him. Stab him as many times as you can until he stops giving signs of life. I’ll help you if you don’t stand looking at him.” he explained.

When I entered the door, he didn’t even notice me. I was about to kill him, when I said the last word he would ever hear from anyone.

“I…I’m sorry…forgive me…”

For the first time, I felt like a terrible human. From nearly a month to other, I made a crime. I was shocked, but I couldn’t stop killing him, or then my dad would be mad at me again, and would probably kill me. After finishing the crime, my dad was jumping of happiness.

“Well done Jessie! You’re the best girl in Earth! This guy deserved to be killed for being from the peaceful world!” he said, while dancing.

I couldn’t take this anymore, so I talked to him madly.

“You know what, dad?! I’m sick of this chaos bullshit! Why can’t you just murder the people by yourself and leave me alone?!”

“I won’t shoot you. That’s fine. However, if you don’t help me killing the other people from the street, I’ll definitely shoot your mother.”

“That’s better than being killed. Let’s go anyway.”

I helped my dad by opening other holes from some people’s house. It started to feel boring and repetitive, so when he was killing his last victim, I ran away, and hoped my dad wouldn’t notice me running.

“I need to keep running until I-“

Jessie was shot by an unknown type of gun. When her father killed his supposed last victim, he reached the door from Jessie’s mother. She was writing stuff on her diary, and she noticed something unusual was happening. However, she realized it was just her impression, when her ex husband opened the door aggressively and aimed at her head. Jessie’s mother was shocked, and then started talking.

“Oh God… I knew that something bad was going to happen, but not with me!” she shouted. “I told her to stay away from you, but she though I was stupid and she didn’t listen to me. Why do you have to exist next to me, Confusa?!”

“Because you never agree with me, Auxilium, and you know I’ll always try to convince the world that I’m way superior and I can make a much better job than your stupid boss Maykapal!”

“I and Maykapal will never allow you to take control over this world, and our daughter anymore!”

“Then try doing this now with everything that I have! Can you resist the force of all the bullets and weapons I have, plus explosives around your house?!” he asked.

“I’ll try my best! Come on! Go for it!”

Confusa keeps shooting Auxilium as many times as we can. Auxilium gets tired after dodging many bullets and accidentally gets shot by a few guns.

“Confusa…this is not the end yet…”

“Yes it is! Just wait for your death, while the poison guns keep destroying you!”

“No…this can’t be real…”

“I’m done with this bullshit! Goodbye bitch!”

Auxilium slowly dies, and when she was about to die, she said her last words.

“Jessie…I’m sorry…please, try to survive…”

When Jessie’s father left the house, he noticed police alarms started playing. He runs away and after hiding in a bush, he ordered his patients to shoot against the cops. They all died after the shooting, but only a few cops are actually alive. He soon meets Jefferson and the other. He orders them to end this plan.

“Time to complete our today’s show! Come on guys, just press the explode button already!”

“But what about Jessie? Are you going to leave her there?”

“Yes I will. Somebody will find her, and then show her the perfect place for a terrible daughter!”

Jefferson pushed the button. The small street was now blown away, with no survivors left, and many houses destroyed. Dolphin Street is now a ghost street. Right now, people will start talking about creepy stories of ghosts and illusions.

Jessie’s father now commemorates the success of the plan.

“Bravo! You made it guys. You guys made a much better job than Jessie did! Let’s now run away from the police!”

The group tries to run away from the police. Unfortunately for Jessie’s father, he was finally caught after 24 years of searching by a police helicopter. Some of the cops who exited the helicopter aimed their guns and started doing instructions.

“Hands up on the head, now! Do it, or we’re going to kill you!”

“Fine. You miserable cops don’t even know anything about my power. I swear you’re going to regret touching me after this!” he rants.

One of the cops picked up some pieces of masking tape and covered Jessie’s father’s mouth, picked up all the weapons he was holding and covered Jessie’s father’s body with wires, and trapped him in a cage. They transported him to the helicopter’s trunk and lent him in a special prison.

After some search in the brand new abandoned street, a cop found Jessie’s body, lying near a tree. He examined her, and noticed she wasn’t dead, but she was in a paralysis condition. It was then discovered her father used a shock gun against her. He left Jessie in a police car, and then she was left in a prison far away from Chicago, in an unknown area.

After Jessie finally being awake, she saw herself in an empty blank room. She doesn’t remember anything after being shot, and she questions for herself what’s going on.

“What is this place?! What am I doing here?! Why am I here?! I’m not guilty of anything! Let me go! It’s not my fault for whatever happened!” she shouted with anger.

After some time spent complaining, a digitalized voice warned her about some things.

“Hello prisoner number 5346, welcome to the Super Secret Prison of New York. Here, you’ll find many prisoners who were involved in crimes against disorder in society. This is one of the most critical crimes a human can do. Normally, prisoners who made this crime have at least 20 years of prison. In your situation, the judges are still deciding how long you’re going to stay here. Please, exit your chamber and walk through the corridor, where you’re going to find your prison mates.”

“I can’t believe this. I was a normal and generic person before. Now, I’m a number. I already though that being generic was awful, but being a number just brings me down in so many levels. It’s all my faut! I should’ve listened to my mother! Why do I have to be so dumb?! Why do I have to have an awful father?! I hate my life!” she shouted once again.

I couldn’t just keep complaining, so I started walking through the corridor, and I saw some of my prison mates. Some of them looked like animas, just of how wild they are. I even wonder if some of them are even humans.

I tried to interact with some of the normal looking ones.

“Uhh…hello friend?” I said.

“Don’t even look at me! I’m terrible! And so you are!” the prisoner screamed.

“Uhh…okay…what about you?”

“Please, I want to be free! I don’t deserve to be here!”

“We have to deal with this now. Sorry but I can’t help you with anything”

When I reached the middle of the corridor, some weird things started happening. I saw some yellow eyes from some people; others seem to be so dirty that’s impossible to look at them and others had a creepy smile, like they want you dead. However, I saw some things that really scared me.

“Jesus, how long is this damn corridor? I’m going to be- wait, what was that?!”

I saw my father’s face with black eyes and red facial hair right in my face. It started saying weird things in a strange language that I can’t really recognize too well. However, he said something like that:

“Passion, money, pleasure

Great combination for a fake life, regret and secrets

What is a true human? Someone who has no secrets to tell?

Society will never find out.”

I also saw many nonsensical objects on the floor, like torture devices, amulets and many flashing lights that came from nowhere. What’s going on? Did they put something in me?

Near the end, the last chambers appeared. They seemed to be empty at first, but then other strange phenomena happened. Some chambers had nothing but a black smoke that would never stop appearing. It’s like someone used black magic there. In others, I saw strange pictures.

“Wait, what is this picture supposed to mean? The only thing I see in another phrase made by someone who had a coloured pencil and drew on the wall, and some pictures of a family… and the girl looks like me?! I wonder who did this…”

When I finally exited the corridor, a doctor welcomed me.

“Hello Ms. Elenmeyer” he said, while looking at some papers. “Could we please have a psychological section? It’s not going to hurt you, we just want to know about what do you believe what you happened, and see your psychological state.”

“Why would I refuse to do such thing? To be shot again?” I asked.

“Uhh…let’s just enter this room.”

I entered the room he asked me to enter. It looks like any other room from this place. However, I noticed other weird thing in the room that the psychologist would later ask me about.

“So, Jessie, could you explain as much as you can about the situation that happened yesterday, and how the story begins? I need to give information for the investigation department to solve some mysteries.”

“Well, everything started when I met a great looking guy in a dance club. He was gentil, and I wanted to date him, so we moved to San Francisco a few weeks after the first time we met. I ignored my mother’s advice about this because I was mad at her and I though everything was going to be fine. Everything was great until I heard a secret plan between us that was being made before I met my fake boyfriend. I decided to keep going, though, since I though my father was a wonderful person and everything that he has done before had a good reason to be made. However, when I murdered my first victim, I was scared, and I gave up at killing people. However, my dad forced me to help him, or then he’d shoot me for real. When he killed his last victim, I decided to run away. The last thing I remember from that night was the sound of the gun, which sounded odd. That’s all I have to say.”

“Thank you Jessie. Your report is very important to solve this problem. However, I need to ask about your current psychological condition. How is it going?”

“I see weird things that don’t seem to be real. If you ask me if I see something right behind you, I see my mother trying to say something. However, she doesn’t say anything. Why is this happening?” I asked.

“That’s interesting” He said. “I can’t say it’s the weapon’s effect from your father since shock weapons aren’t supposed to make you see illusions. However, we never had another event where someone saw nonsensical things other than another person.”

“Is there anyway you could help me find out what’s written on that chamber?”

“Sorry, I can’t. I think you should discover by yourself. Anyway, we’re going to send you some medicine if you want. Would you like to order some?”

“No, thank you, not yet. I’m afraid that the medicine could erase these messages, and then I wouldn’t be able to know what it means. Could I exit the room now?”

“Sure you can. Please, go back to your chamber.”

I entered the corridor again. When I went to the chamber which has the message, I noticed something different again. This time, I could understand the message, and my face looked more realistic. However, when I was going to read it, a cop using a gun interrupted me.

“Excuse me, miss? Is there something bothering you? You need to go back to your chamber.”

“Yes, I’ll go back. Sorry.”

Since it was already a bit late and I had nothing to do, I decided to sleep. Now, I wonder for how long I am going to stay here though. What if I run away? Did anyone have ever escaped this prison without being caught again?

The next day arrived. I woke up. Everything seems to be normal, and a new voice from the prison talks to me.

“Hello prisoner number 5346! You have a special event today. You’re going to your father’s judgment, and then later your judgment. Please, eat some breakfast before going, and make sure you enter your chamber again to let our cops guide you to the exit.”

I ran through the corridor once again, and the message was even easier to read. I think I’m going to read it after the judgments and after the cops disappear from the corridor.

When I exited the prison, they pushed me really hard to enter the trunk. I though it was a pretty aggressive attitude and not fair at all, but I don’t think I can do anything now. All I need to do now is try to go against my father in the judgment and be patient with the unfairness.

I finally entered the place. It looked like any audience room. Both I and my father had no lawyers to defend us, so we had to get lucky to don’t have a huge punishment.

The judge started talking about my father first.

“So, according to your daughter, you forced her to murder a civilian and help you at killing others, and you shot her in the end to prevent her to tell our story to us as late as possible. You also had many careers, and made many critical mistakes on them, and also changed identities and exploded an entire street. Is that true, Mr. Elenmeyer?”

“Yes it is” he confirmed.

“In total, you are accused of multiple homicides, illegal trades and crimes with disorder. Overall, we need to execute you in a death chamber. Please, come back to your prison to be executed after your daughter’s judgement.”

Ugh, now it’s my turn. What am I going to say?! Am I going to agree, or start another argument?!

“Now it’s your turn, Ms Elenmeyer. Is everything that you said to your prison’s psychologist true?”

“Yes it is, sir” I confirmed.

“So then, by the crimes you made so far, such as supporting national terrorism and disorder, you’re sentenced for 29 years in prison. Now, please, go back to your prison. Subject closed.”

Holy crap! 29 years in prison?! That’s a lot! I really should do something about this…

I refused to watch my father’s execution since I don’t care about him right now. When I went back to my chamber, some cops were watching the corridor for a while, and then exited. I run through the corridor once again, without paying attention in anything. When I reached the message, it said:

“Oh daughter, let me give some of my powers to you

Let’s hope you’ll be strong when you grow up

Please, fight the evil behind us; it’s him who made me come here.

I cannot fight alone for a long time”

Powers…? What’s she talking about? I’m too weak to be a warrior. Or maybe I refuse myself this entire time to believe that I can be actually something.

When I went back to my chamber, a face of my mother slowly appeared, and she started talking with me.

“Daughter…please, don’t be scared.” she explained. “That’s my spiritual version of myself on Earth. I want to save you from this mess, in the way our family has done since the pre-historical times. You know that now your father is dead. However, his spirit is still around the Earth and anywhere else, including the place after outer space, the Creation World. I’m too weak to fight him now. I need your help right now! Please, help me destroy him once and for all!” she explained.

“I might accept your request mother, but how am I going to defeat him, and how could this help me exit this prison?” I asked.

“In order to fight against the evil, you should release your spirit away from you. That means, I’m going to kill you, but don’t worry, you can decide to go back to Earth, since you’re young enough. After that, you’ll notice that you’ll be in a completely different place, and you’re going to look different, and so will I. There, your father waits for you. If you manage to defeat him, we’re going to bring peace and order to Earth back.”

“I accept your request mother, even if that sounds unrealistic. That’s my chance of apologies for every mistake I did when I went to the wrong hill. The Hill of Safety will now rule the world!”

“Thank you daughter, you have no idea of how much this means to me. Now, don’t worry, you’re not going to feel pain. When I kill you, you’re going to be in paralysis for a few minutes. After that, see you in The Creation world!”

“Alright mom, just do it already.”

After Jessie being killed by the spiritual version of her mother, she notices that she’s in a bizarre world. The world is really short. When she looks at herself, she is welcomed by her supposed mother.

“Welcome to the Creation world, Mratibu! My name is Auxilium. Have you noticed how perfect you look now? You’re also way stronger than a normal human. I should give to you the Change Weapons. They’re the ones that will help you defeat your father, now called Confusa, and defeat Arok after that, by running up the Hill of Chaos!”

“Fine, but I wonder why our family couldn’t defeat the evil before. What’s so special about me?” I asked.

“Our family has always defeated the evil. The problem is that the evil was so strong that it could come back by someone else being the next element of the evil on Earth. Now, that both chaos and safety are weak, you can defeat the chaos, or even my part, depending on your choice.” she explains.

“Alright, thank you for the further explanation; I’m going to run up the Hill of Chaos!”

I started running up the hill, and some things started to change. The blank world of nothingness started to have weird pictures of other people. Are these people supposed to be the ones that tried to defeat the evil before?

After some time running, Confusa and Arok suddenly appeared.

“Oh, man! Jessie, I’ve been waiting for you for so long!”

“I’m not Jessie anymore! I’m Mratibu, and I’m here to destroy the chaos in Earth once and for all!” I shouted.

“Hahaha! Do you really thing you’re strong enough to defeat me, along with Arok?! I don’t think so… where’s your weapon? My long sword can destroy you and turn you into pieces if you’re not careful…”

“I do have weapons, you jerk! I have the Change Weapons Auxilium gave me!”

“Oh, that?! That’s not enough!” he said. “Don’t be stupid, you’re still weak just like your physical version in Earth!”

I lost patience, and I started to threaten him.

“Confusa… you’ll pay for what you’ve done to me and for so many people! What you were thinking about brainwashing me and blaming Auxilium for everything that you’ve done?! You’ll be defeated for the sake of Earth!”

I picked up my shield and sword and started fighting against Confusa. He made many thrust attacks and my shield made a good job at these moments. He started releasing magical powers I couldn’t figure out what were it.

“You won’t take long to be killed; your shied is not resistant against magic!”

“What... No! Please, let me know how to use my magic, Auxilium! I can’t resist for too long!”

Auxilium’s voice told me the secret:

“Those who shall fight the chaos will raise the sword on the air and release the Magic of Transformation.”

After raising the sword, a mysterious magic, that had a green and blank colour appeared. I used the magic against Confusa to exterminate him.

“Take this, Confusa!”

“Ahhh! No… how coud this happen?! You’re in my hill! Safety magic doesn’t work here!” he explains while shouting.

“This is not safety magic. This is my own unique magic Auxilium made for me!”

“You son of a bitch…I’m dying for the first time for real…no…Arok, defeat her! Now!”

Arok, after watching Confusa being defeated, appears in a portal and grab his axe. He soon attacks me.

“Ugh, stupid monster! I will defeat you as well! I have enough power to free chaos from Earth!”

I launch magic against him, and he barely had any defense against it. After killing it, the place started to look normal.

“Well, mission complete I guess…” I realised. “Wait, what’s going on?!”

The hill started to break itself into pieces. It’s like an earthquake is destroying it. I ran as fast as I could, before it disappears completely. Fortunately, when the hill was already gone, I already have exited it.

After that, Auxilium and Maykapal appeared.

“Well done, Mratibu!” said Maykapal. “You shall be the next one to control the Hill of Safety! However, this is your choice. If you wanna go back to Earth and let your mother command the hill, you can just run away by the portal I’ll create for you. I’ll give you time to decide.”

He created the portal, and I started to think about my last decision before whatever happens later. I though it’s not worth getting outta here without destroying both hills.

“Maykapal… you’re not different from Arok. Chaos is not crated from nowhere. Chaos is made when some agree with something and others don’t, and the human instinct tells the ones who refused an idea to fight against it, and then war happens. You’re not worth the existance! The world will only be peaceful when nobody believes in someone, and when something controls them! You’re a hypocrite! And so you are, Auxilium!”

“What, Mratibu? That’s not true!” exclaimed Auxilium. “The only reason I supported Maykapal was because I wanted to protect you and create your magic attack!”

“What you’re saying, Auxilium?!” asked Maykapal. “You don’t deserve my attention anymore! I trusted you, and now you’re on her side! You don’t deserve my attention anymore!”

“What?! Please, don’t-“

“Maykapal slices Auxilium constantly. I started to cry, since I’ll never be able to see my mother anymore.”

“Why you did it?!” I asked while crying. “You don’t deserve to control anything! You’re the reason many have died for pointless reasons! You’re the one who create the chaos and disorder on Earth! Die!”

“How dare you attack the one who helped your mother protecting you? You’re not going to defeat me now, vile girl!”

Maykapal picked his longsword and launched lighting attacks against me. My shield wouldn’t last longer, and my magic wasn’t so effective, so I had to make a different strategy. I attacked him by his back and released my magic to finish him off.

“Ugh! What you’re doing to me?! Get out of my back! That’s not fair!” he said while trying to attack me.

“It’s time to make an equal and true civilized world! You’re not the one who’s going to make this!”

“No! Stop! Keep going and I’ll send you back to Earth!”

“Never! Die!”

When I released my magic spell for the last time, he started to destroy himself in pure pain. Lighting started to appear from him, while I was still stabbing him.

“No…This can’t be real! My hill will be destroyed…I don’t deserve this. How dare you do such thing to me?”

“It’s for the sake of people on Earth who want a true peaceful place!”

When he was about to disappear completely, the Hill of Safety destroyed itself, and then he launched a lighting explosion and changed the place completely. The place now looks like a field with no grass at all. I walked for a while and then I noticed something in my body was changins. I started to have a bigger size than the normal, and the sword and shield started to look bigger, until them later disappear and transform themselves in two huge swords with a mysterious magic. Then, a voice came from nowhere, and told me what’s going on.

“Well done, Mratibu. You can now have control of your planet, and do anything that you want with it. Shall we build your own hill?”

“Nope. I just wanna go back to the period when none of this confusion would ever happen if I didn’t run up the wrong hill. I want to go back to normal, without worrying about anything and without the others having someone to command them.”

The mysterious voice continued to tell me some more things to do before exiting this place.

“Well, if you want to go back to Earth without anyone to control the Earth’s populations, just enter the portal I’m going to create. By doing this, your parents and everyone else you met in this quest won’t be present anymore.”

“I’d rather live like any other person than being the next commander of the Earth. Please, create the portal already.”

The mysterious voice released a magic to create the portal.

“Here, it’s all yours. Go through it if you want.”

“I will. Normal life, here I come!”

After Jessie falling in the portal for many hours, she finally woke up in her bed from her mother’s house.

“Oh, great. I can’t wait to see my stupid mother once again, and work in the glass factory once again in my stupid life.” she complained.

When she exited her bedroom, she noticed some strange things happened.

“Mother…where are you? And why everything in the street is blown away? What happened? Did a terrorist exploded this entire street and left me sleeping here for an unknown reason? What’s going on here?!”

She walked around the street for a while, and she noticed that her mother wasn’t there anymore. She walked to the centre, to see if anything else has changed. She was shocked how she didn’t see any religious temples, and the city had no police officers and nobody was committing any kind of crime.

“That’s so weird” she though. “How can the city change in a single night like that? I think it’s time to find somewhere different to stay….”

Jessie later rent a small house from the centre of Chicago, and she still lives in the same place nowadays, even after 29 years later. During this time, she changed her job multiple times and lived in many parts of Chicago. She doesn’t bother with her lack of parents anymore. For her, it might be boring to be like that. Unfortunately, she won’t remember the reason much has changed, but maybe that’s better than the chaos that used to live in this world.

Jessie died of cancer when she was 72. She was later known as the survivor of the silent terrorism, and the Dolphin Street holds many humours told by many.

Written by ScrewYouDinkleberg