I'm in the closet hiding from... I can't even explain what it is.

The word "monster" couldn't even be the word that can describe this. This thing killed my parents and I need all the help I can get.

I instantly awoke my mother's smile, and my father's positive, loving attitude increased the tension that my stomach was trying to endure.

Tears leaked out of my eyes, but before I could make a sound I heard something from downstairs; it sound like something struggling to resist from being held down. I was stupid enough to slowly walk out—hands still cupped my mouth trying not to make any sound possible...

I slowly walked down the stairs, the wood creaking until I heard a massive banging sound. I ducked down and paused. I couldn't see a thing downstairs as it was pitch black. That's what scared me the most; knowing that something can probably see me and I can't see whatever it is. I desperately tried to keep silent, trying not to inhale the putrid smell.

I slowly got up and continued crawling down stairs, now I wonder why I did it, how stupid could I be to go downstairs. I looked to the right of me to see if anyone was there, and right there staring at me behind the wooden stair railings, watching me, was the thing that murdered my parents.

He had white pale skin, eyes with no eyelids. They must have been cut off as there is still blood stained under his eyes.

We glared at each other for a couple of seconds I just wanted to lash out at him but I didn't know what it was capable of doing to me, finally he looked down at my feet and his face turned into a frown, then he looked back up to me and then flashed me a deranged smile and said the words that I will never forget, ever.

"Where's Momma and Poppa now, boy?" then started to laugh but it was no ordinary laugh. It was a madman's laugh.

I scurried up the stairway. I felt a hand grab my leg. His hand was very bloody and had nails long as a pencil. I struggled as hard as I could as his nails dug into my skin.

The bleeding would not seize. Luckily, I got away and rushed into my bedroom slamming my door shut and locking it, and thought fast and dashed into my closet.

Please if anyone can hear me please, God please my Lord please help me he's in the room and he's going to kill me..

He sat my Mom on my bed now, somehow he knew I love her more than my father as she's my real parent. She was watching me with blood stains still over her face. I know once I try to get out of this closet or even fall asleep, he will kill me.

Please help me...