Note: The Tutorial Guy Is Stephen Fry.

Secret unlockedEdit

I was playing Little Big Planet on PS Vita, but i died 1000 times and Message box popped in, it said "NEW PLANET UNLOCKED "The Lost Planet"".

Inside the PlanetEdit

It looked like a moon BUT it was originally edited and script was like original. The button was dead Sackboy. I pressed it and what i saw?

Who's that guy???Edit

This is what i saw: Sackboy standing right with that unknown realistic guy, that guy was helding a knife and he stared at you(If you unlocked the planet) and me for 5 seconds.

That guy is Stephen Fry???Edit

Music was playing Resident evil 1 main theme (From movie or film) pard dindindundarandada Enough we continue. And he slammed him and Murdering Sackboy! OH MY GOD!!! The blood and guts are spilling, It was SO Hyper-Realistic, and The Tutorial Guy(Stephen Fry) said: I'm Comming for you! Better look out for me! But there was wrong subtitles: "You will die, victim!"! Please if you find across the planet, contact about that to authories, police and Sony! This is my last chance to survive, but i can't die, i'm inmortal. Inmortals can't die you know. So, if you find that maniac comming to my house, Please chase him!