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Saving The Kingdom by P.G.N.S

Saving The KingdomEdit

It hurts.

It hurts so bad.

As I lay in my own puddle of dark, crimson blood, basically torn to shreds, I can feel the life practically seeping from my body.

I know how it came to this, it's just that I wish I would've done something to change the inevitable. This outcome… it could've been so different. But no, I didn't think much of it at the time. I was so dim, in retrospect, so blind. I see very clearly now, but all that fills my vision is the disgustingly dull red of the inside of my eyelids. Even when I open my eyes, I see the same thing. And I can only manage to oust silent words from my lips as I see the tall, gawking figure strut over towards me.

"… Why?" I breathe, not trusting my voice to produce any more sounds after that part was spoken.

"Because while high, you jumped in front of car thinking it was a dragon and yelled, 'I'll save my kingdom!,' you dumbass."