Dairy Queen opened back in the summer of 1940, in Joliet, Illinois, but on that hot July day, as a crowd gathered around in the brand new restaurant, a lady walked in the door, clothed in a black dress and hat.  She walked up to the counter and said to the cashier man, "good afternoon sir, may I please have a 

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vanilla-flavored ice cream cone?" "Sure miss, coming right up!" he replied.  He walked away and returned with the vanilla ice cream cone.  "That will be 50 cents please miss" the cashier man said.  The woman pulled out 50 cents from her lavender-purse and gave it to him, taking her ice cream cone.   "Thank you young man, have a nice day!" she told him.  She walked away and sat down at a booth and ate her treat.  As she finished it, her face eerily changed.  Her eyes became a piercing, bright-red, glowing without pupils, her flesh became a dark, rotten-complexion and her outfit changed.  Her black hat became a golden, ancient queen's crown on her long dark hair and her head.  Her black dress, became an ancient blue-robe, with white-lining.  Her fingernails became claws.  She opened her lips revealing sharp, ancient-looking-monstrous-fangs.  When people saw this, she got up from the booth and spoke, "I am known by many as the Scary Queen, a queen of an alien-race for since before the dawn of time, I heard of your  new restaurant here on Earth and heard that it partially rhymed with my royal title, you have delicious treats!" With that, the alien-woman faded out, vanishing.