One day when I was playing Geomeotry dash i was playing level " blood bath v3 " the game freeze. I was so scared and confuse by game freezing that I sobbed and vomiting. Then the game froze again and I pass out of fear. When i woke up the game was deleted and replace with a file called GEOMETRY-DASH-666-DO-NOT-OPEN. I open it because i was tired and the first thing i saw was scary face. I started screaming and it got even worse because the face bleed and then blood was pouring out of the blood it. Was very scary and made game hard. I went back to BloodBath V 3 and the level was filled with dead body. Suddenly I was POSESS !!!!!! And I killed everyone in city. I was sent to jail for 666 years and I was sentenced by mom to 666 years in bedtime. However I STOPPED JAIL TIME! I contacted bleeding bloodbath veethree demon face. He said he can erased what i did from the history of multiverses. I accepted the deals and I erased my mega murder from his.tory. Then hilary clinton peed on the daemon and geometry dash DIED !!!!! SCARY 1!!!!1 please supscripe to pew die pie !!! 11 wow so funy edgy !1111 so the daemon runed me so i deal with him to DIE and ERASE EVERY THING FORM HIS TORY and I ACKSEOPT !!111 end of the story ... This is why you never play geoemoetry daesh . it promote evil daemon . i hope you love story