You know search stories? Those things on YouTube where you record Google searches. Well, me and my friends like to make stupid search stories on YouTube to pass the time. A couple of days ago I decided to make a search story of my own seeing as it had been a while since my last one. I decided that it would be fun to make one with Internet characters such as forever alone or the Y U NO guy. When I had finished I added the music and it was asking for a title, I had no idea what I should call it so I called it searchstories.avi because my friends knew that the whole .avi thing was common in well-known creepypasta.

It took ages to upload and when it finally did, I decided it would be cool to watch my video and make sure it would suit my friends' sense of humor. The music I chose originally was from the "Action" section, but for some reason it was from the horror section. I dismissed it as a bug and kept watching. The 1st two searches were normal but, after that it started getting out of control. The video stopped and started to buffer. It took around twenty seconds for it to resume, and when it did it typed in weird sentences. But what was even worse was that after search was clicked a picture of a young girl, maybe six or seven, was lying dead on the floor her eyelids cut off and her neck cut open.

The second search was worse. Much, much, worse. A baby with a knife sticking out of its temple. Its arms were cut off and were neatly placed next to each other on the floor beside the baby.

Then the final picture almost made me throw up, it was a family. A mom, a dad and a small child all lying down on the floor holding hands. Their necks were cut open like picture one and their wrists were also slit. The worst part was the small child's face. The person who killed them removed the child's eyelids so his eyes could not be closed and he appeared to be smiling.

Finally the search story ended with the sentence, "You'll be joining them soon..." Some cheap threat to scare me from whoever hacked the video. The worst part is, this morning, when I was opening my mail I noticed a small envelope. Its contents were all of the pictures displayed in the search story and a piece of paper with "JOKING?" scribbled on the back of it.