February 23rd, 1987Edit

The streets filled with terror this morning when the body of 24 year Tammy Morse was found decapitated in an alyway connecting her apartment building and a local gas station. Roomates say she went out early in the evening to get some soda, but hadn't returned. Police officals say this is the work of someone she knew personally as there are no distress marks, no sign of a fight. The police also advise you to stay indoors or travel with a friend after dark.

April 25th, 1987Edit

Another person has been found today, the body of 26 year old school teacher. She was decapitated and found where Tammy Morse's body was. The only difference is that this time, she was also missing her left hand. Police officials are now saying that this may be the work of a serial killer.

June 27th, 1987Edit

28 year old Rebecca Lewis was found dead in her home today. Mother Patricia says she went to her daughters house to see her and walked in on the man cutting off her right hand having already taken her head and left hand. Police are now advising for people to move out of the neighborhood.

He looks at his wall of acheviments. The clip out of all the newspapers that have covered his trail of blood.

"They'll never know it's me" He says as his face twists into a smile only a maniac can have.

He thinks to himself, how long before they will even find out about all the women I have already killed, how many have I killed. Hundreds, thousands? Oh well, anything to help me stay alive.

He licks the blade of a knife. It has his latest victims blood on it. This time, he has cut of not only her head and her hands, but also her left foot. He takes the appendages and leaves the building before anyone has spotted him. He goes back to his home, takes the head and hangs it by the hair over an alter of sorts.

The alter has a chart that is centuries old that depicts a demon drinking blood and scaraficing a head to become darker, something that can lurk in shadows and never be seen. Something... not alive.