you know the program sfm on your computer well on the website i was typing threw videos and saw one that was called unknown avi.

i clicked it and it showed coach from the walking dead get out of bed cause he hears hammer sounds. he goes outside his igloo house and sees heavy with red liquid on him. heavy was nailing people to wooding sticks making a gorey mess. coach got big eyes and yelled heavy stopped that. heavy floated off the ground and turn his head around all the way and he had smile dog teeth and red reptile eyes. coach gasp. heavy laughs crazily and spins then flies to coach. coach runs and heavy knocks down coach and scratches skin off of him with his 6 feet nails on his fingers heavy had.

coach screamed. and heavy ripped one of coaches arms off and eats it and cuts coach open!

i almost vomited i didn't even know source film maker can do that!. and heavy eats coaches guts and organs then wheres his body and said hi i'm coach. the screen goes static. i then threw meh computer out the computer and ate it. i had nightmared for 1 day! and i never did sfm again (acctually i do)