There have been a series of missing child reports. There is no evidence of how or why the children were going missing. One young boy was found outside a forest near Oregon. He tells, in not much detail, what happened.

"I was in my room when I heard the window open, I remember looking up into pale greenish eyes, then blacking out."

We don't have any leads on who or what this was, but it is being investigated. A year or so before the missing children there was one girl in particular. She was an average girl, she was always very pale because she spent most of her time inside. One day the girl got very sick. No matter what anyone did, she would not get better. One day it all stopped, the girl had passed and was now in a better place... or so they thought.

Three weeks later, after the funeral, there was a bunch of weird things happening in the house. The youngest girl was awake late that night, she kept saying she saw something in her room with her but her parents didn't believe her. They turned off the light and went to bed. Just before the girl fell asleep she felt someone looking at her. She looked around the room and saw a girl, a great deal taller than her, hidden in shadow.

Greenish eyes, very pale skin, long brown hair, a gray jacket, blue sweatpants and red shoes. She couldn't take her eyes off the girl, she looked exactly like her sister who had died. The girl inched towards her and sat next to her on the bed. The little girl grew very tired as she stared into her sisters greenish eyes. She soon was fast asleep. She was never seen again...