It all started out as a normal Thursday night. I hopped into the shower, and allowed the hot water to envelope me. As I washed myself, i kept feeling the slightest urge to look into the mirror. I don't know how i resisted it, for the urge kept getting stronger, and stronger, AND STRONGER! I turned off the faucet, and exited the shower, towel in hand. I stopped in front of the mirror. "Everything looks normal." I thought to myself. I chuckled, thinking about how stupid I was acting. What did I expect to find? A fucking demon staring back at me? I laughed a second time, and dried my face in my blue towel. When I looked back up at the mirror, it was still my face. But something was off. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew something was different. Then i realized it. And the second I did, I wished I didn't. I had no eyes. I had no god damn eyes. OH MY GOD, I HAVE NO MOTHERFUCKING EYES!!!! Black pits stared back into my soul, growing ever deeper as they swallowed me whole. I plunged into eternal darkness, trying to scream but no sound was made. Suddenly, I hit hard, solid ground. I heard the bloodcurdling sound of a bone snapping. I tried to stand, and even though I was in tremendous pain, I could move perfectly, if only just a slight limp. I was surprised, but I continued. I walked through a dark corridor, barely able to see two feet ahead of me. I felt so cold. It was as if it was winter in fucking Antarctica. I will always remember that chill.


I found a part of myself there in that dark world. There are many of us here in it. I am happy now. It is eternal bliss, with every ripped throat and slashed chest, my bloodlust grows stronger. I long for that day that I finally bring an imperfect human into our perfect world. Actually, I figure that day is today. For about now, a child, named Dylan, is stepping out of his shower, and his urge to look into the mirror is growing. I just can't wait to swallow him with my empty eyes.