Life for Sairentosandā and Ritoruenjeru was perfect. They had parents who loved and cared for them and would also help them if they had trouble with anything. Their family never had arguments and everyone was happy. They lived in a nice little community where everyone was nice and kind. They may not have had many friends in their schools but that was okay to them so long as they had each other.

Their mother was from Japan and their father was from America. Their mother had long black hair dark as a moonless night and skin as pale as the snow with eyes that were green as emeralds. Their father had blonde hair and skin that was a little less pale than their mother's with eyes the were blue as the sky. Their parents met in Japan and their father convinced their mother to go to America with him. After they were married they had Sairentosandā then seven years later they had Ritoruenjeru. Sairentosandā was 6'2 and weighed about 170lbs and he had his mother's black hair that he wore in a pony tail to look like a samurai, his father's eyes, and the same pale skin as his mother and he was named by his father. His name meant Silent Thunder. Ritoruenjeru was 2'2 and weighed about 58lbs and she had long blonde hair that went to her shoulders, her mother's eyes, and her mother's pale skin and was named by her mother. Her name meant Little Angel.

It was a peaceful day for Sairentosandā and Ritoruenjeru. It was Ritoruenjeru's 8th birthday and Sairentosandā was trying to keep Ritoruenjeru out of the house so that their parents could set up her surprise birthday party. He took her out to the woods behind their house like he usually did everyday. He took her their favorite creek that they would always play in. Ritoruenjeru was splashing around in the water with Sairentosandā trying to get him wet. Sairentosandā smiled as they played in the creek for a little while until he thought he heard their mother call them.

He picked up Ritoruenjeru and put her on his shoulder and said, "Come on Ritoruenjeru. Mama's calling us."

Ritoruenjeru pouted and said, "Awww. Just five more minutes Sairento. Pweeeeaaaasssseeee."

Sairentosandā laughed a little and said, "I think you will be happy that we're going home now. There's a little surprise for you at home."

Ritoruenjeru clapped her hands and began shouting, "YAY! SURPRISE! SURPRISE!"

Sairentosandā chuckled and began walking home. When he got there he opened the gate to the backyard and set down Ritoruenjeru. Then, he walked her into the living room. When Ritoruenjeru saw the living room she smiled and began to jump with happiness. Happy Birthday decorations were placed all around and presents were on the couch. Ritoruenjeru was so happy and she ran around hugging everyone and opening presents. The rest of the day for Sairentosandā was spent playing with Ritoruenjeru and her new toys. She was his little angel that he was to protect even if it cost him his life and she was his little sister that he wanted to make happy all the time.

Come night time Sairentosandā had tucked in Ritoruenjeru and stayed there until she had fallen asleep. When Ritoruenjeru fell asleep Sairentosandā silently left the room and closed the door behind himself. He went to his room and laid down on his bed, falling asleep almost instantly. He slept dreamlessly in a peaceful black abyss of nothingness. When Sairentosandā woke the next morning he went to Ritoruenjeru's room to wake her up for school. When he saw that she was not in her bed he assumed that she was downstairs eating breakfast.

When he came downstairs and didn't see her he went to his mother and asked, "Hey Okāsan, have you seen Ritoruenjeru this morning?"

She shook her head and said, "Not yet. If she isn't sleeping then you should ask your father. He might know."

Sairentosandā shook his head and said, "Thank you Okāsan."

When Sairentosandā found his father he was in his work room. His father worked as the creator for most swords that were produced in the modern age but his favorite was the katana. He even had one hanging in his work room.

Sairentosandā came up to his father who was at his desk and asked, "Hey Otōsan, do you know where Ritoruenjeru is?"

His father raised an eyebrow and said, "I thought she was still asleep. Have you checked her room?"

Sairentosandā began to feel a sense of fear begin to wash over him and adrenaline began to start pumping through his blood. He slowly shook his head and said, "She wasn't in her room or eating breakfast. She also wasn't in the bathroom when I went there this morning."

His father began to come to the same realisation that he had and said, "I'm calling the police."

Sairentosandā's father began to dial 911 and when someone answered he said, "My daughter is missing. She isn't in the house and she wasn't here when any of my family woke up. Please hurry."

When the police arrived and asked Sairentosandā's parents if they could search the premises Sairentosandā's father nodded and said, "Please do officers."

The police first went Ritoruenjeru's room to see if they could find anything. When they found nothing that pointed to where she was they continued to search the rest of the house. They checked Sairentosandā's room and didn't find anything helpful. They searched the attic to see if Ritoruenjeru was somehow up there. Nothing but dust and emptiness greeted them. Eventually the police officers came to the basement but were stopped by Sairentosandā's parents.

Sairentosandā's father blocked the door to the basement and said, "Don't worry about the basement officers."

Then the mother cut in and said, "We already checked the basement. We have a lot of packed boxes in there that we still have to unpack. There is not much room for her to go anywhere in the basement."

Sairentosandā nodded and said to the officers, "Ritoruenjeru and I were both taught to never go into the basement so we never did."

The police officers nodded and continued with their search of the house. As they left to search the rest of the house Sairentosandā's father looked at him with a serious concern and said, "Go see if she went down to the creek where you two play at just in case she somehow got out without triggering the alarms."

Sairentosandā nodded and ran out to the forest behind the house. He ran as fast as he could and yelled out, "Ritoruenjeru! Where are you?! Come out! This isn't funny! Otōsan and Okāsan are worried about you! Ritoruenjeru!"

When Sairentosandā reached the creek he didn't find her. He searched around to see if there was any sign of her but didn't find anything. Just as Sairentosandā was about to turn around to go home he heard something like a faint whisper. He couldn't make out the words but he definitely heard something. He followed the whisper to a pile of rocks. Something looked off about the pile of rocks. It looked to man made for it to be natural so he began to remove the rocks. When he removed all the rocks he came across a small corner of what looked like Just like the one Ritoruenjeru wore to bed.

Sairentosandā became frantic and began to dig at the ground like a man possessed. He kept digging until he began to reveal more of the dress. He kept digging until he came arm. A little girl's arm. Sairentosandā grabbed the arm and pulled the rest of the body out of the ground. When he laid the body on the ground he began to cry as if he had no limit to the amount of tears he could shed. He sat there on his knees cradling the body close to himself all the while saying to himself, "No no no no no no no no."

It was his sister Ritoruenjeru. Her mouth was sewn shut and her throat was cut open. He sat there crying until he heard his parents and police officers calling out to him. When they came to him and asked what was wrong he showed them the body. His mother cried out and fear and sorrow. His father balled up his fists and looked down at his feet in anger and sorrow. Sairentosandā's world began to collapse. His sister that he had promised to protect had been stolen from him and he never even realised it until he was to late. 

He remembered his promise to her like it was yesterday. It was the night of Ritoruenjeru's 4th birthday. She was sleeping in his room because she would start to have nightmares and cry and he would always be able to calm her down. Sairentosandā stayed awake that night watching her and making sure she was okay. He felt something whenever he looked at his crying sister. It was like the need to make her happy and comfort her. Eventually he laid her down on his bed and knelt down onto the floor. When Ritoruenjeru woke up she looked at her brother and reached out to him.

Sairentosandā grabbed her hand and said, "Ritoruenjeru...I promise to always make you happy and protect you for as long as I live. I will be your guardian who will always be there for you. I will never let you go. I promise this to you."

Ritoruenjeru held out her pinky finger said in her little baby voice, "Pinky pwomise?"

Sairentosandā smiled and wrapped his pinky around her's as he said, "Pinky promise."

So that was how they came to be so close to one another. They were near unseperable. Even when she got older and slept in her own room she would occasionally crawl into Sairentosandā's room and curl up next to him. They were happy that way.

Currently Sairentosandā was in an interrogation room and was being asked some questions by the police officers.

One of them sat down and asked, "I'm sorry about your sister. Are you alright son?"

Sairentosandā said, "No sir."

The police officer sighed and said, "I know this is going to be tough for you but I'm going to have to ask you a few questions. I need you to answer them as best you can. Can you do that?"


"Alright then. Let's get this started. Is there anyone you know that would want to hurt your sister?"

"No. She was always kind and nice to everyone."

"Okay then. When was the last time you saw your sister?"

"Last night when I tucked her in."

"And she was gone when you woke up this morning?"


"Your father told you to go down to the creek where you and your sister loved to play to see if she was there right?"


"How did you find the body?"

"I heard a whisper. I couldn't make out the words but I followed it to a pile of rocks that looked to perfectly stacked. I removed them and found a piece of a dress and began digging. Then that's when I found her there."

"Okay son. That will be all for now. Just go home and try to relax. We will find whoever did this to your sister. That I promise to you."

"Then you better find him before I do because when I find him I'm not going to put him in jail. I'm going to kill him."

The police officer then escorted Sairentosandā to his mother and father and sent them home. That evening at around 5:00 Sairentosandā's father told Sairentosandā to come to his work room because he had something for him. Sairentosandā entered and was met by his father handing him a katana.

Sairentosandā raised an eyebrow and asked, "What's this for?"

Sairentosandā's father sat down on the floor and said, "That katana I had made specially for you. I had my guys working on it nonstop all week. I thought that if you were going to protect yourself and your sister you would at least need a weapon to do so. What better weapon than that of a samurai. You have always been the warrior so now you have a katana to back you up. Never go anywhere without that katana because it is now a part of you and your soul but it is also your closest friend and it is important to name your katana so that it is even closer to you."

Sairentosandā unsheathed the katana and looked upon the blade. Across the blade their was a lightning bolt that went from the hilt to tip of the blade.

He nodded and said, "Thank you Otōsan. I will name it Zetsubō. The name that means despair. Thank you again Otōsan. I promise to avenge Ritoruenjeru."

Sairentosandā's father nodded and stood up to leave to the kitchen. The rest of that day Sairentosandā practiced drawing Zetsubō as quick as he could and slashing with it. Sairentosandā had practiced with smaller wooden katanas but never a real one. It was surprisingly light and easy to keep slashing with and easy to quickly draw from it's sheath. Sairentosandā kept practicing until the time that he had to eat and even until he needed to sleep. He wanted to be perfect to kill the one that had murdered his sister.

The next morning  Sairentosandā woke up and headed to eat some breakfast. Just as he was about to pass Ritoruenjeru's room he decided to take one more look at the room. As he opened the door he looked around and remembered her smiling face. He smiled to himself as he looked at her picture on the nightstand. He picked it up and sat down on the bed. The more he looked at the picture the more the realization that she was dead began to sink in. He started crying for a little while until he heard his mother call for him.

He placed down the picture and headed downstairs. Just as he was about to close the door he heard something. It was soft and sounded like a very very quite giggle. He shook his head and shut the door then proceeded to go downstairs.

After breakfast Sairentosandā took Zetsubō down to the creek and began to practice even more. As the day approached the afternoon Sairentosandā sheathed Zetsubō again and sat down on a log to rest. He sat there breathing heavily until he heard something behind him.

He quickly jumped off the log and drew Zetsubō to face the unknown thing that had intruded his rest. When he saw that there was nothing there he sighed and sheathed Zetsubō once more. Just as he was about to head back to the house he heard what sounded like a little girl crying. He ran towards the crying hoping to find the person who killed his sister but when he reached where he thought the crying came from there was nothing there. No little girl and no murderer. Sairentosandā balled up his fist and punched a tree as he realised that it was just his imagination. Then he proceeded to walk home.

The next day Sairentosandā was still practicing in the same spot at the creek. Still drawing quickly and immediately slashing afterwards. He continued until he heard a little girl laughing behind him. His eyes shot open wide. He would remember that laugh anywhere. He sheathed Zetsubō and turned around to see nothing. He looked around and out of the corner of his eye he saw a pink dress that was gone in a flash. He put his hand to his face and struggled to keep his breathing calm.

The next day Sairentosandā expected to see or hear something but to his pleasure there was nothing. He was able to practice in peace. That night when he fell asleep he got the distinct feeling that someone was watching him. In his dream he was in the basement. He was strapped to a table and something was preventing him from calling out for help. Someone approached from behind and when they stood over him they took a knife and began to stab him repeatedly. As Sairentosandā was dying he tried to get a good look at the person stabbing him. When he saw who his eyes grew wide. It was his father.

Sairentosandā shot up screaming and in came his parents like lightning. He heard them saying something but he couldn't understand a word of it. As he was breathing heavily he saw something outside his window. When he turned to see it it was gone.

He was brought back to reality by his father shaking him and saying, "Sairentosandā! It was just a nightmare! It's not real!"

Sairentosandā shook his head and said, "Yeah...just a dream. Just a dream."

The rest of the day passed by without incident. No laughter. No visions. Not even a dream that night. The next day he thought that is was finally over. The whole day was over before he knew it. That was how it was until three days later he had another nightmare. He stood in front of the door to the basement. Something telling him to open the door. He tried to resist the urge to open the door until it over powered him and out of the door came his mother wielding a knife and stabbing him in the heart.

Sairentosandā woke up breathing heavily and out of paranioa he checked his chest to make sure there was no mark. Of course there was none and he punched his leg for his idiocy. He was a fighter and he was being beaten by delusions and nightmares. He as he opened his door something rapidly passed his doorway and even though he only saw it for a split second he was sure that it was Ritoruenjeru.

He then as he tried to leave his room he heard Ritoruenjeru singing behind him. He froze as he listened to her sing.

"Ring Around The Rosie, Pockets Full Of Posie, Ashes Ashes, We All Fall Down."

As he turned around there was nothing there. Sairentosandā rushed out of his room and went to his parents. He found them in his father's work room talking about something.

When he walked in his father asked, "What's up Sairentosandā? Something happen?"

Sairentosandā sat down and said, "I know that I am going to sound crazy to you two but I have to be honest. I have been hearing and seeing Ritoruenjeru all around me. Whenever I am out training or even in my room and in my nightmares I am in the basement and I'm being stabbed to death by...something."

He wanted to leave out the fact that it was them in his dreams so that they wouldn't be mad. When he looked at his parents they seemed to be a bit off. Like there was something troubling them.

He decided to ask, "What's wrong? Was it something I said?"

His mother shook her hands and said. "No no no. It's just that we uh...we are nervous about the upcoming funeral for Ritoruenjeru."

Sairentosandā knew that she was lying but left it alone. His father put his hand on his shoulder and said, "It's going to be okay. These things happen when a loved one dies and eventually it will stop. Just hang in their. It'll be alright."

Sairentosandā nodded and decided to go back out and train some more only this time whenever he heard or saw something he just ignored it. He pretended to not notice any of it but for some strange reason he felt as if it was a sign of something. For the next few day he went on like that until three nights later.

That night there was a thunder storm and the thunder was so loud it was hard to hear even your own thoughts. Sairentosandā laid in his bed awake thinking about his happy memories with Ritoruenjeru. Her smiling face and happy laughs. Just as Sairentosandā's eyes began to droop her heard a voice call to him. He shot from his bed and drew Zetsubō in the blink of an eye. When he looked to his bed there she was with a smile...Ritoruenjeru. Sairentosandā knew she was dead but still he reached out to touch her but she disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Sairentosandā looked at where his sister had been before hoping she would return but instead he turned towards the door and saw standing in the hallway Ritoruenjeru pointing down the hall. Sairentosandā sheathed Zetsubō and walked slowly to his sister and when he was almost to her she disappeared. When he looked to find her he saw that she was pointing downstairs. Sairentosandā followed her all the way to the basement of the house. He remembered his nightmares and the need to go into the basement. He pulled Zetsubō from his sheathe and proceeded to open the basement door. As he came down to the basement he felt the need to hurl and he felt fear begin to creep into his mind.

There was a steel operating table with restraining straps on it in the middle of the basement as well as an assortment of torture tools over to the side of the room. There was blood all over the table and the walls. Sairentosandā now knew why his parents had told him from a young age to stay out of the basement and like a good boy he listened. He never wondered or even questioned what was in the basement until now.

Ritoruenjeru stood by the table and said in a whisper like voice, "Mommy and Daddy hurt me down here. You weren't there to protect me Burazā. You broke your promise. It's your fault. It's all your fault."

Sairentosandā shook his head as he dropped to his knees and said in a shaky voice, "N-no. That's not true. No. P-please Shimai, please forgive me. Please!"

She shook her head and said, "You broke your promise. You didn't save me. It's all your fault."

Ritoruenjeru then disappeared without saying more. Sairentosandā sat there on his knees and felt his guilt and sorrow begin to overwhelm himself. Then he began to feel anger sweep over his every being. He picked up Zetsubō and proceeded to walk to his parents' room.

When he opened their door his father woke up and rubbed his eyes as he said, "Sairentosandā? What are you doing up this late?"

When he saw Sairentosandā with Zetsubō drawn walking slowly towards him he immediately jumped out of his bed and pulled out a gun and pointed it at Sairentosandā.

When he did that he woke up Sairentosandā's mother who yawned and said, "What's going-"

She stopped speaking when she saw Sairentosandā standing a few feet away from his father wielding Zetsubō. She screamed and backed up into a corner.

Sairentosandā looked at his parents with a dead expression as he said, "It's your fault."

He then slashed at his father with lightning quick speed. His father managed to get off one shot...and hit him in the shoulder. He knew that it hurt but it wasn't enough to stop him. He cut off both of his father's arms then stabbed him through the stomach.

His father yelled out in pain but was cut short when he sliced upwards cutting his father in half from the waist up. Blood, guts, and brain all started to flow and spew out of the corpse. As Sairentosandā was about to turn around he was stabbed in the back by his mother. He yelled out in pain and knocked his mother to the ground. He cut off her legs and she cried out in pain for mercy. He grabbed some of his father's intestines and calmly walked in front of his mother who was trying to crawl away and asked, "Tell me Okāsan, did Shisu try to beg for mercy and scream for help? Did she try to yell for me? Did you enjoy murdering her?" 

His mother looked at him with shock and fear as she realised what he had discovered. She then began to try and plead with him by saying, "She was making you weak. We wanted you to make you stronger. Look at you now. It was for the best.?

Sairentosandā's face turned from ice cold to burning fury. He grabbed his mother's hair and pulled her up to eye level with him. As she gazed into his eyes all she could see was rage.

Sairentosandā shouted at his mother, "YOU THINK YOU CAN LIE TO ME?! YOU THINK I WILL LISTEN TO YOU WHEN SHISU HERSELF CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD TO TELL ME?! I WILL NEVER BREAK MY PROMISE TO HER EVER AGAIN! You know, I like my name. Otōsan gave it to me right? I think it suits this situation and me right now. Right now the thunder is so loud that no one will hear your sreams. It really is silent thunder. Now before you die you should know that this is all...your...FAULT!"

Sairentosandā grabbed his mother's arm and pierced Zetsubō all the way through it. He then began to slice outward to her fingers. The blood flowed like a river coating Zetsubō and Sairentosandā's hands in blood. No matter how much or how loud she screamed no help was going to come to save her. Sairentosandā then did the same to the other arm and watched happily as the blood continued to flow. Just as his mother was about to pass out from blood loss and pain he took Zetsubō and began to cut his mother in half from rear to head. Blood, guts, and other bodily fluid flowed out and stained the floor.

He gazed at what he had done for a moment then proceeded to use the blood to write a message on the wall. When he was done he went to his room and put on his black kimono and geta. As he was about to leave he went to his father's work room and grabbed the katana off the wall.

Sairentosandā unsheathed it and looked at the blade. Across the blade was a green scaled venomous snake. He sheathed the blade then said, "Sunēkuraiā, Snake Liar. That is your name. Your coming with me."

Sairentosandā then opened the door to the forest and said to himself, "I'll never break my promise again."

Then he ran into the forest leaving everything of his past but Ritoruenjeru and his promise to her behind. He came across a house that was owned by a young couple. They had an eight year old daughter and a twelve year old daughter. Sairentosandā didn't know why but something told him to climb up to second story window of the house. He listened and climbed up to the window and he decided to take a look at what was happening. What he saw made him very angry.

A mother and a father and a sister yelling at an eight year old girl who was wearing a pink dress. The older sister went over to the younger sister and pulled her hair. Sairentosandā had seen enough. He took the rear end of Zetsubō and smashed open the window. The family screamed and when they looked at the broken window what they saw had come through was enough to make them scream louder. 

Sairentosandā stood up with both Zetsubō and Sunēkuraiā unsheathed. When he looked at them he said, "It's your fault."

The mother tried to grab the youngest daughter but was met with a loss of hands. She screamed then passed out from the shock and pain. The father tried to grab the mother and run but was impaled by two katanas. He spat up blood and screamed in pain. Sairentosandā then sliced the katanas in opposite directions of each other cutting the father in half with organs and blood falling and flowing out of the bottom of the top half. Sairentosandā then turned his attention to the oldest sister.

She backed up into a corner while saying, "Oh god no. Oh god no."

Sairentosandā advanced towards her slowly while dragging Zetsubō and Sunēkuraiā across the floor. When he was a few feet away from her he stopped and said, "It's your fault."

He brought both up to her arms and sliced them both down the middle. The older sister screamed as she felt the pain and watched the blood flow from the useless appendages. When she opened her mouth to scream again he stabbed Sunēkuraiā through her mouth and out the back of her skull and with Zetsubō he detatched the top half of her skull from the bottom half. The body fell to the ground oozing blood out of it and the skull had brain falling out. Sairentosandā realised that he had not finished the mother and went over to her. She was still passed out so she made no movement when he brought his blades up to her stomach. He then stabbed them through and sliced upward to cut her entire upperbody in half. Blood decorated the walls and floors.

Sairentosandā then came over to the little girl who was staring at him in shock and said, "Don't be afraid. It's me...your brother."

The next day police arrived at the house after a neighbor called about the door being wide open. When the police checked the house they found the basement, the bodies, and the message written in blood on the wall. It said, "IT'S THEIR FAULT!"

The very same day they found another family slaughtered and the only one who's corpse was not found was the little girl that the family had. They suspected that she was still alive. They determined that the family was killed during the previous night's thunder storm and the bodies were in the same condition as the other house with the same message written on the wall in blood,