The events of this story all take place before my best friend was bruttally killled.


My best friend, who's name is Morgan White, was a professional rabbit breeder. The day he got his first rabbit, the pet shop owner warned him.

The owner said, This silver-black rabbit has a strange craving for meat. I really don't know why, but just don't let him bite your finger...

The silver rabbit, (which had some black in it) had red eyes, normally what you would see in an albino rabbit.

The rabbit wasn't really active, and by the time Morgan bought a new rabbit, it almost looked dead. He knew it wasn't dead, because once it looked at him and blinked a couple of times, and went back to sleep.

He attempted to mate the two rabbits, which didn't go successful. The silver rabbit began to eat the poor rabbit, and the rabbit seemed satisfied, and went back to its long sleep.

The silver rabbit grew big, and soon didn't fit in its own cage. So, he had to buy a oversized cage. He also had a conversation with the pet owner, who had no idea why the silver rabbit ate the other rabbit. He had never seen that type of behavior before.

Soon, Morgan decided to lock the silver rabbit in a unbreakable cage, and not touch it or feed it. He would pass a mouse into its cage once every day, and watched it demolish the helpless poor thing.

Morgan thought, What harm is stroking a rabbit? Completely forgetting what the pet shop owner warned him about. He stroked the rabbit, and suddenly, with a big cry from Morgan, Morgans finger vanished.

The rabbit had eaten it! The rabbit soon turned very hostile and attacked him. The rabbit ripped through his flesh, eating every bit of it, just leaving the bones.

The next day, his mother let the rabbit free, incase it caused anymore chaos in her household.

At night, the rabbit hunts, seeking for victims... to eat.