File:Creepy hospital interior.jpg

Today I am supposed to go to the hospital to get my tonsil removed. I’m going to have to stay at the hospital for the night and it will be taken out in the morning the next day. So I arrive at the hospital and a nurse showed me my room. After I got settled and said my goodbyes to my parents and little sister I sat on my bed. The hospital room was pretty ordinary. It was sterile and spotlessly white with some medical things scattered around. That’s when I noticed there was a divider on one side of the room. I wanted to know if there was anyone there so I said out loud,

“Hello? Is anyone there?”

I was answered by a raspy voice that said ,”Yes, I’m behind these blinds.”

Then the divider started to get moved aside slowly. On the other side of the stood a pale boy that was very fragile looking. He was wearing those hospital clothes like I was. I was surprised that I had a roommate so I tried to make a conversation.

I said, “Hi, I'm here to take my tonsils out. What about you?”

He replied in that same raspy voice, “ I’m not supposed to be here, it was a mistake!”

Just then two nurses came in and take him back to his bed. While they were getting him back he kept shouting about it being a mistake.

On the way out one of the nurses said to the other,” Poor boy he must be terrified. “

The other nurse replied, “ Well of course he is going to get one of his arm and legs amputated tonight.”

They must have sedated that pale boy. He kept muttering about it being a mistake for the rest of the day.

It was 10:00 p.m. when I decided to go to sleep. After a few moments of sleep I felt a prick on my right arm. I awoke to see that pale boy sticking a needle into my arm. The needle must have contained some sedatives, because I fell asleep before I could even get out a yelp. The sedative was probably weak, because I woke up later finding myself in the pale boy's bed while doctors came in to put me into one of those carts for patients when they're about to have major surgery.

Then I realized what was happening. I’m completely awake now. I jumped up and shouted, “Wait! This is a mistake, I’m not supposed to have surgery right now!” A doctor quickly sedates me before I could say more. I kept mumbling it was all a mistake as they hauled me away. The last thing I saw was the pale boy on my bed smiling at me.