when i was in the 8 years olde i perches a game caled super smash bros brol i was exited sinse i love this game series but when i saw the disk it seiad smash bros bad but i boot it up the main theme played but in slow moshin i then saw all the characters but they were covred in blood and there was blood in the lake and blood on the screen and all over the place i be came scared and presssed start then i saw that the only character that was able to be plad was mario so i choose him but then i could only choose the map of finel destination then in the map mario apered but then a versin of mario also apered but he was black and covred in BLOOD everytiem i tryed to atack him i got killd so i weighted for a smash boll then one apered and i got it but instead bloody mario got it and proseed to grabed mario and smash his head open so you could see marios brian fall out and mario scream in pain so loud it hurt my ears then bloody mario teleported infront of the screan with razir sharp teeth and saied your next billy i then scream and throw wii remoat at the tv and it broke then i threw the tv and wii out the window and it smash on the ground i smiled when i heard the disk inside snap so if you ever find som thing called smash bros bad do not play it i am now in 17 years olde but i still get knight mares from that bad game